Weight Loss After Babies

Weight Loss Update (7/23/14)

21 Day Fix/ Weight Loss Update (8/15/14)

 Weight Loss Update (10/12/14) – 30 lbs lost!



The updates are above – the original “I’M GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT!” post is below with the links to my plans and all that jazz: 


You know that Facebook/Reality Cat meme?

I made my own little version of it…


I have had it! So I’m coming up with a weight loss plan in which I will lose 50 pounds by October – we’re talking JUST THE BABY WEIGHT.

That’s a hefty goal, with a little over 9 lbs a month, but the total goal is to bring my weight and bmi within a standard range for my height. That is close to 90 lbs that I have to lose.

Mama’s Slim Kitty Weight Loss Plan: Overall


1. Standard Process

Signed up for the Standard Process 21-Day Cleanse (- if you are interested, holla and I’ll refer you to my Mom – she’s a distributor). This is not one of those big time hard-core euphamisms for a bathroom fest; it’s really more of an overall food re-set. You get eating HEALTHY with this, “healthy” with a capital, “H”.

2. BeachBody Shake

I ordered the Shakeology thing from BeachBody – I used my friend as a coach, and if you are interested, please sign up under her too – let’s support our Mom-run businesses!  

– the Shakeology is for after I’m done with the 21 Day Cleanse.

3. e-Meals, Vegetarian option

My friend Allura told me about this and it’s great – (note: google “groupon e-meals” for a groupon somewhere to get it for a huge discount – I got mine from a groupon in Kansas!). You get your recipes and grocery store list all in one email every week – they have a lot of plans but the vegetarian goes more in line with what I’m trying to accomplish here


1. The BeachBody T25

Signed up for the T25 videos – basically, it’s supposed to be a really intense, focused work out that only lasts 25 minutes. Okay. I’ll give it a shot. In conjunction, with this,

2. Workout Aids

Ordered an elliptical to have here in the house and also some free weights

3. Yoga

There are local yoga classes – twice a week – I’ll either go to them or engage in some video-yoga…


Yes, it’s a lot of STUFF which makes me feel a little gross, but I can’t think of what else to do with my being with the 3 kids full time AND not being able to run AND being 2 hours away from a gym. I’m gonna bit the bullet and put my head down and DO THIS.


For those of you who are interested, I’ll be updating on Instagram daily under the hashtag #slimkitty4thewin


I’ll also be updating this page regularly so you can hang out and see how it’s going –

and if you want to hop on board,




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