WordPress Dashboard Tutorial for Beginners (with Captions)

This is a wordpress dashboard tutorial. It is a captioned screencast covering the basics of your wordpress dashboard, which means that I have a recording below in which I walk you through understanding your WordPress dashboard.

Questions like, “what’s on my dashboard?” “where are my blog posts?” “what do those numbers on the side mean?” and more will be covered in the video below.

But first!

How to log in to your wordpress dashboard:

go to:


In the case of the site we are using for this tutorial, it’s www.danainourhearts.com/wp-admin

Once you are there, your screen should look something like this:


www.yoursitename/wp-admin will take you to the login page.


do not login through the jetpack option. login through your username and password

I’m saying to not login through jetpack because I think that leads you around confusing rabbit holes in the beginning.

Sticking with your username and password keeps it simple.

Now that you have login in to your site, let’s start the tutorial!

The Tutorial:

I hope that made sense! Remember to ask questions, write, let me know what’s working.

Also, This is just one tutorial in a tutorial series. The whole series covers:

  1. Hosting & Domain
  2. Installing WordPress (which is free) on your domain and how to sign in
  3. Understanding your Dashboard
  4. Essential plugins, including basic set up for site protection and backup
  5. Themes
  6. Integrating social media

We can see where we are at that point.

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