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Krakow: The City With Multiple Personalities

This is an image-heavy travel post about the city of Krakow We took the night train to Krakow from Budapest, leaving at around 7pm and arriving around 12 hours later, at 7am. After the whole mess with getting to the Budapest Air B'n'B and the Air B n'B itself, I decided I'd take things the

Invisible Disability and Getting Burned Out in Budapest

This is a travel post about how to travel with an invisible disability (C-PTSD, TBI, deafness, Asperger's) and visible disability (Down syndrome). It includes access notes and opinions about parenting and travel. Travel with an Invisible Disability I wrote a post on traveling with a disability in Budapest that is focused on physical access but

The Absolute, Very Best Part of Budapest

This is a travel post about what we loved the most about Budapest. While seeing sights and understanding the physical in another space is part of traveling, the entire experience of travel is much deeper than that for me. For me, travel can be the transformative element, a way to converge thought, experience, serendipity and

Disability Access in Budapest

This is about disability access in Budapest. It includes deaf access in Budapest, blind access, and physical access in Budapest. There are links to helpful organizations and other posts at the end of this article. Budapest was a real shock for me after the Netherlands, because one country (- the Netherlands) is the absolute best

It Took a Deaf Lady in Budapest

This is a photo-heavy travel post about Budapest I was fascinated by so much that I saw in Budapest. The grocery stores, markets, food hungarian chipschips my kids were so excited marzipan hawaii mix! langos something something? gyros! such huge cauliflower! breads at the mini market breads and pastries some kind of ice cream hungarian

Susie, Budapest, and Getting My Ass Kicked

This is a travel post about arriving in the train station Budapest and finding our way to the Air B n' B through public transport. Budapest dazzled and intrigued me as we stepped off the train at the Kaleti station. Like a glorious glass lace building, it’s arches soared and sunlight poured in. It was

On the Night Train to Budapest


Disability Access in Holland

This is a travel post about physical access in Holland (the Netherlands). It includes opinion about Dutch euthanasia, eugenics and the differences between the Netherlands and the United States with regard to disability rights and access. You know how you don't really miss something you've never had? Like, you kind of bumble around life, stumble

Welcome to Holland

This is a travel post. In the Down syndrome community, there is a famous missive called, "Welcome to Holland." It was written in the 80's by Emily Perl Kinglsey (who was a writer at Sesame Street - you can thank her for a lot of the inclusion that went on there). A lot of people

Disabled Moms Interview Project with Sandi Parsons

Disabled Moms: An Interview Project In honor of Mother's Day, I started running an interview series with other moms with disabilities. It was originally intended just for the month of May, but it will continue as long as I get new interviews with cool moms with disabilities! This interview with Sandi Parsons is available in

Have Disability, Will Travel

We're leaving for Europe soon.  It occurred to me recently that this is kind of funny, with regard to disability. All of us except for one person (- Mack, my youngest child), has a disability! We've got my mom, who has an Acquired Brain Injury, PTSD, post concussion syndrome and dizziness and balance issues (related

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