This is an image-heavy travel post When my Grandpa Jack passed on, we found many, many photos. They were photos of three laughing young women and one man. They were photos of their adventures. The photos are almost uncanny in how they capture their spirit, playful sense of fun, and the the skill with which
Disabled Moms: An Interview Project In honor of Mother's Day, I ran an interview series with other moms with disabilities throughout the month of May. I enjoyed this so much that I thought I'd keep rolling with it and keep introducing you to cool moms who have disabilities! This interview with Stacy Cervenka  is available
No Ordinary Boy: the story of an extraordinary family
I am re-publishing this review of No Ordinary boy because it is Owen's birthday. He would be 21 if he were alive today. In commemorating her son, Jennifer is offering No Ordinary Boy free as a PDF. It is linked at the end of this post. No Ordinary Boy No Ordinary Boy is a relatively
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