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love counts chromosomes Down syndrome
If we were to see Love as the infinite power and creative spirit behind all existence, If we were able to see, hear and touch all that Love expresses as Love interacts with our children with Down syndrome, I think the poem would go something like this Love counts chromosomes Love sees us all as
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sex and down syndrome Down syndrome
I think we should be talking more about sexuality and Down syndrome, talking more about sex and Down syndrome. First, I want to talk a little about two nuggets that I feel address  this subject most wonderfully. Yo Tambien I watched the Spanish movie, "Me Too" (- Yo Tambien). recently (available on Netflix). It's about a
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Down Syndrome Angels: Things to consider before using the words "Angels" and "Down syndrome" in connection with each other Down syndrome
Down syndrome angel, angel and Down syndrome. Whether it's a person with Down syndrome being compared to an angel or angels being people with Down syndrome, I'm not sure, but angels are linked to Down syndrome like peanut butter is to jam. It comes from people outside the Down syndrome community. Perhaps "angel" is used because
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down syndrome awareness videos Down syndrome
This post is specifically about videos for promoting Down Syndrome Awareness, and they are all easily accessible on YouTube. This post will be updated as new videos come out or are recommended. The Best Down Syndrome Awareness Videos For Kids Not Special Needs Awesome, super funny 2:00 short that's great for anyone, really Everyone Counts:
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telling by laura hershey Opinion
What you risk telling your story: You will bore them. Your voice will break, your ink spill and stain your coat. No one will understand, their eyes become fences. You will park yourself forever on the outside, your differentness once and for all revealed, dangerous. The names you give to yourself will become epithets. Your
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