10 Easy Ways to Keep Employees Happy – and Productive

Running a successful business is the ultimate balancing act: keep clients happy, keep costs low, and hiring (and keeping!) great employees. The last piece isn’t always an easy task, but with a few of these tips under your belt, you can work towards a happier, more productive team.Help Them Set Goals



… and reward them when they’re accomplished. While constructive criticism can help your employees find the right track, it’s also essential that you recognize progress when you see it.


  • Learn Who They Are


We all want to be seen and acknowledged, and the same is true of your employees. Regardless of industry, it’s important to get to know your team on a deeper level. Whether you use invest in an office aura photography camera to gain a deeper understanding about their metaphysical needs, use weekly meetings to get insight into their psyche surrounding work and their role in the company, or simply ask them about their family and friends occasionally, furthering your connection with your employees will pay off in the long run.


  • Plan Team Building Events


While your employees likely work in smaller groups depending on their roles and departments, it’s important to have face time with everyone in the company on a regular basis. Organize team building events to encourage camaraderie within the ranks—your employees will want to come to work if they enjoy and feel connected to the people they work with.


  • Encourage Breaks


You want your team to work hard, but you don’t want them to burn out. It’s important to encourage breaks among your team members; by allowing a bit of a breather, your employees will come back refreshed and ready to give their assignments their all.


  • Offer Regular Perks


Office perks can play a major role in overall happiness, so consider the little things that could make your employees excited to show up every morning. Whether it’s an on-site keg for those afternoons where you need a beer to celebrate a client success, or free meals delivered every Friday, small gestures can go a long way.

If your budget allows, you might also consider bigger perks. Company weekend trips, raises, and extra days off are all grand gestures sure to be appreciated by everyone in your office.


  • Give Your Team the Resources You Need


Don’t expect success if you don’t provide your team with the tools they need to be successful. Resources run the gamut; from new team members to new computers, make sure every employee feels they have the essentials needed to get the job done.Be Flexible



Modern businesses are shirking the traditional 9 to 5 work day, offering their employees more flexibility. That could mean allowing a flex schedule where employees can show up between a more relaxed window of time or letting employees work from home a few times a month. Respecting that your employees have a life outside of work can go a long way.


  • Be Grateful


Yes, you pay your employees to come to work every day, but if you have a great team, make sure you’re showing your gratitude for their loyalty and hard work. A simple “thank you” can do wonders, and it’s something all of us want to hear when we’ve been putting in extra effort.


  • Be Transparent


If you want your employees to feel like they’re an important part of your company, it’s important to be transparent. While you don’t have to share every bit of financial information about your company, annual check-ins where you explain the failures and emphasize the wins of your year can help your employees feel more connected. This may heighten individual senses of responsibility, and encourage employees to focus on overall business success – not just their own careers.


  • Ask for Feedback


If you don’t know something’s wrong, you can’t fix it. Make sure you’re consistently requesting feedback from your team, from entry-level staff to your highest-level supervisors. Keeping tabs on the current feeling within your company is the only way you can ensure success.

Promoting happiness in the workplace may help boost productivity, increasing your bottom line. Keep the above tips in mind and take steps towards enhancing employee satisfaction – your business will reap the benefits.