1st Grader!

I just dropped Micah off at The Best School Ever.

The entire school – all 50 people? – had assembled in a circle under the large oak tree. There was a round of introductions, all the kids introduced themselves, the adults too. The principle went over a couple of new things (- like, Friday afternoon will be when we all clean the school together!), and told everyone to think about the rules they wanted to make for our school this year. Someone chimed in that there were rules already and she nodded and said, yes, there are rules now and we are going to think of what we all want for this year… so think about that and you’ll talk about it in your classes.

It’s just like, Oh. My. God. This is a public school?!!! You know?!! Can it get better than this? At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if the principle was really a unicorn changeling and the school was really the spot at the end of rainbows.

Moxie will be starting next week and MacQuinn will start next year.

Love. This. School.

– and so does he, our brand-spankin’ new FIRST GRADER!!!

meriah nichols aug (1 of 2)

Just like yesterday, right?!

… and now this fine, strong, beautiful, boy

meriah nichols aug (2 of 2)

Don’t grow up too fast, kid.

meriah nichols aug (1 of 1)– I’m not ready to give you the car keys


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