2 Hours to Costco (A Photo Essay)

It takes me 2 hours to drive from our yurt on the hill to Costco. Or a mall. Or McDonald’s (not that I’d be going there anyway though, right?!). That sounds so far and people tend to flip out a little when they hear that, like “oh, I could NEVER do that!”

But the thing is, I’m not driving in urban conditions. I’m not going bumper to bumper with some rage-filled commuter. I’m not slogging through an exit with 2 other cars necking in. I’m not being cut off by a pissed off mom in a minivan.

Driving for half an hour in the Bay Area usually left me bitter, seething, and with tension roiling in my belly.

2 hours here, driving through this? I’m a zen master, baby

Meriah Nichols -17

Meriah Nichols -15

Meriah Nichols -18

Meriah Nichols -16

Meriah Nichols -9

Meriah Nichols -11

Meriah Nichols -14

Meriah Nichols -13

Meriah Nichols -7

Meriah Nichols -1-3

Meriah Nichols -1-2

Meriah Nichols -2

Meriah Nichols -6

untitled shoot-2907

untitled shoot-2900

Meriah Nichols -4

Meriah Nichols -5

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  • holy mother of god and all that is WOW. Please, where *EXACTLY* are you. Send me a map. I neeeeeed to know

  • So that is the bulk of your drive, but what about when you get to the town where the Costco (et all) actually is? How bad is that? 🙂 Phenomenal photos! I spent a few years of my childhood in Redding, CA and we often went camping in Eureka and along the cost and these photos remind me of that area.

  • I would never get it “right.” I would get home and discover I forgot one thing: CRISIS …it’s toilet paper!

  • We took our first trip to the lost coast last summer in a 32 ft RV. The road from Ferndale to Petrolia was so unreally beautiful and exhilaratingly lonely, even a little frightening on those steep downhills. Was it only 30 miles? It seemed like a half day we were driving so slowly in first gear, high and wide open above the coast and I don’t recall meeting any other vehicles the whole way. We live in the country in Shasta county and are used to uncrowded and lightly populated living but the King Range is uniquely isolated and so far outside of most American’s experience that I am sure they can’t even imagine it. It was glorious!

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