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2 Year Old Deaf Boy Hearing Mom For the First Time + Week in Review

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2 Year Old Deaf Boy Hearing Mom For the First Time + Week in Review

Did you see this video yet? It’s of two-year old Cooper hearing his mother for the first time, after receiving cochlear implants.

I think it’s awfully cute and yet I’m on the fence about the whole “rejoice because he’s not deaf anymore” sentiment. I don’t get the sense that many people realize that being deaf is far from a cross to bear or a heavy burden in life or something; that it’s actually quite nice being able to turn the world off. I’m speaking for myself, of course.

Moving on. Week in Review:

I was depressed this week by reading Bloom, Kelle Hampton’s book. I will write the review, but I’m honestly a little nervous in voicing how I really feel about it. But whatever. Meriah-Pariah, right?

Besides being depressed, I was busy in the purging process, re-organizing, re-arranging. Trying to make things happen with all that we are trying to do with the Pan Am Overland prep: get online jobs, sell the Prowler, streamline.

On the blog front, posts this week:

Creating a New Career Working From Home
I am sincerely trying to figure this piece out, my friend. Ideas are welcome. Especially, you know, if you are a publisher and would like to fund our Pan Am trip in return for a book written by yours truly on it.

Summer Blog Hop Series: What Has Been Said
2nd Round of our Fabulous Deaf/Disability Related Blog Hop – links are open till Tuesday (6/12) so if you have a post (in line with the prompt or not – either is fine) hop on board! Meet some new people, share your stuff.

Open to all that are Deaf/Disability/Special Needs related.

An Interview with George Estreich (+ Book Giveaway)
I am delighted and honoured to have George on the blog in an honest-to-God author interview. I love his book. Giveaway is open till midnight 6/15 (my time), so leave a comment to answer and automatically be entered!

I’d like to make a note about the Blog Hop:

  1. This is going to be a Summer Hop Series. Just till August. Short, summer-y, sweet. Fun.
  2. Since the blog hop links are open for a week, I’ll just post the prompt on Wednesdays. No more double posting prompts on Monday and Wednesday.
  3. MY DEAF BRETHREN: please include your blogs!!! Come on!

I’d like to make an apology:
I promised you a comic/fun piece on the kids. I know you miss the kids. I’ve been doing a lot of serious stuff on the blog – probably because with all the job stuff on my mind, I’m in a more serious mood. “Bloom” did not help.

I’m not going to promise I’ll deliver next week, but I will promise to try.

Forgive me.

Last (but not least, right?) – 
I made a little collage of the photos that I posted over on the Facebook Page (“like” it to be part of it! You are welcome to post your own photos/links there, you know. I love community). I’m also on instagram – @meriahnichols – if you are there too, let’s connect!

Other links worth knowing about:

That’s it for now. Hope to see you in the BlogHop, don’t forget to leave a comment to enter for the Shape of the Eye giveaway and have a great weekend!

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George Estreich Author Interview
A Good and Perfect Gift by Amy Julia Becker

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