21 Day Fix: Weight Loss Update

Hey! I’m still at it!

Chugging away at the weight loss, one pound at a time. I had a rough go of it recently with one of my best friends coming to visit and we went The Ice Cream Route because really, that’s So. Much. Fun!! It was worth it, but like anything that’s a lot of fun but not so good for you, I had to wake up, wipe those doritos off of my backside and get back with the 21 Day Fix.

21 Day Fix

You might be hearing a lot about it? It seems like my own Facebook feed is full of it, but that might be because of Facebook’s “like” algorithm. Anyway. The 21 Day Fix: it is remarkably similar to the old school Weight Watcher’s Core Program. It’s like a big lasso, pulling you back into clean eating and moderate portions, but without gold stars, weigh-ins and meetings. (I liked those gold stars, so that part’s a bummer.)

Portion ControlThe Concept: they give you these little boxes and you can eat a certain amount of food for each colour, based on your poundage and weight loss goals. Green stands for greens – haha, clever, huh! – and they give you a long list of all the greens that are allowed. You can fill that green box up a certain number of times a day, according to how much you weigh. Same goes for the yellow, blue, orange, and red boxes. I’ve learned already that that yellow box is the most fun – that’s the carb box, and the box that you substitute goodies with!

I’ve noticed that:

  • it’s plenty of food. Noone is likely to get hungry following the 21 Day Fix
  • it’s hard to keep track of how many boxes I eat in a day. I developed a spreadsheet for that and it really helps – I just check off how many of the boxes I’m using at a given time
  • this is CLEAN, CLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAN eating, y’all! I can make this work because I live in hippie crunchie granola land, but I’d feel sorry for someone trying to do this in say, the south or wherever it is they deep fry pickles


With the order of the boxes comes an exercise DVD. I follow it, and it’s not that hard to as they are all only 30 minutes long!

21 Day FixI exercise 5 days out of 7, I’d say. The plan calls for daily exercise but that just can’t happen sometimes for me. And that’s okay. I am a Humboldt Housewife and that means that my butt is moving all day around here anyway – if I’m outside working on my garden, it means I’m swinging a pick-axe into rocky soil and shoveling hard dirt like it’s mush. Or running after small children who either run UP hill or DOWN hill but either way, it equates A LOT OF EXERCISE for Mama.


This is the shake thing that BeachBody makes. I ordered the box with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry and thought the chocolate and strawberry were good and the vanilla was a good base for other stuff (- “disguiseable” in other words). I did notice a different right off the bat with it – it is filling, it tastes good enough, and it’s filling. It’s very low calorie and full of nutrients. And did I mention that it’s filling?!

My second box of it was the vegan chocolate and tropical strawberry and the tropical strawberry was just nasty! Ewwwww. The vegan chocolate isn’t much to write home about, either. So I’m going to stick to the mix of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, at least until we hit the road again and I can’t receive mail.

meriah nichols aug (2 of 2)-2Results:

BeachBody sure does deliver them if you follow their plan.

I am staying pretty much with it and I’m and easy size 16 now (-started at size 22, remember), I have lost 20 lbs.

My goal is a size 6 and to lose 50 more lbs.

I’m pretty sure I can do this because I’m approaching it more as of a lifestyle change than as a “diet” – I have  no idea how those 21 Day Fix coloured boxes are going to work when we hit the road, but I figure that I can guesstimate how much meat is in a taco (- red box), how much of a tortilla goes into a yellow box.



I still have over 20 views of this post EVERY SINGLE DAY, so I wanted to let you all know a few things:

  1. This program really does work if you follow it. Full stop.
  2. It’s super hard to untangle yourself from BeachBody, should you get a coach or become a coach (for the discount or otherwise). Be wary. I think it’s easier to just pay straight up for what you want. I have an affiliate account with them because like I said, this system works. I’ll vouch for it. Just not some of the company business practices. My affiliate link is here for the 21 Day Fix (which means you pay normal price for it, but they give me a share of their profit for referring you)



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  • I have just begun my 21 Day Fix journey, and like you, believe it to be a lifestyle and not a diet. I had my husband hide my scale (I am absolutely neurotic about weighing myself-keep thinking I will wake up magically one day and be thin). So, in order to get some kind of measurable feedback, I broke down and re-took my measurements after my 3rd day. I had lost 3.5 inches overall. In THREE DAYS! I am contemplating becoming a coach, but I want to get to a point where I am a believable one and that means finishing my first round and several more (going by the results of other successful ‘Fixers’, I have 10 more rounds to go). Once that happens, if you are still offering it, and I am in a position to do so, I WOULD like to sign up under you. Thanks so much for putting your self out there to inspire others.


    • thank you so much for your kind words, and I’m really happy you are on it too. I think it’s a fantastic program that really works.
      I’m not going to be coaching anymore since we are leaving (and shakeology is pricey) – by Anna is and I don’t know if you know her? She’s fantastic and definitely a good person to connect with – here’s a link to her blog – http://ellietheurer.blogspot.com/

      xoxo m

  • Hi Mariah, I used to do Weight Watchers many moons ago when they had exchanges but would like to start 21 day fix now. I have many cookbooks and would like to incorporate the recipes into my eating pln. How do I convert exchanges into the container program?

    • Hey Lillian!
      I’m working on that too – and to be honest, it’s been something of a pain. But I basically measure out the recipes according to the containers. This is handy: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/42643527696868879/ – so you know how much each container actually measures. Then you just figure out the total serving size for the meal, and then what you are consuming. I’d love to hear of an easier way to do it! If you hear or figure it out, would you let me know? Thanks!

  • There is a 21 day fix app for your smartphone…just check off your color coded containers as you go and you can track pounds and inches as well 🙂

  • I’m one of those “20 new people a day” readers. THANK YOU for the comment about Beach Body billing. I totally agree– it’s a great program with really sketchy business practices. So many “reviews” are posted by Beach Body coaches who just want to sign people up.

    That said– great program. Just buy the kit on eBay and don’t give Beach Body your CC number. 🙂

    • Amen, sister.
      You know, two things are going on with me now: I”m doing the T25 program and completely loving it – and I’m ready to sue BeachBody over how they keep trying to bill me even though I’ve sent them the signed pdf that they wanted me to to completely close my account. Such bullshit.
      E-bay. That’s gotta be the answer. Way to get the great program without all the other crap. Thanks for the comment.

  • Thank you . Thank you. I have the program. Feel the same about the billing and shipping. I lost some weight, but not nearly what I expected. I am considering weight watchers or just the fitness app you mentioned. What are you using now?

    • I use MyFitnessPal for tracking – it works for me – and I also use the health stuff from Apple Watch – the circles also really work for me. I still pop in a dvd from BeachBody sometimes. But I find that if I’m just conscious about exercise and track my food, I’m okay, it works.

      Good luck!

      (and I just got the millionth email from Beach Body saying they are still trying to charge me… they are umbelievable, really.)

  • I just started 21 Day Fix a week ago. Lost 4 lbs already. I didn’t buy the program from BeachBody. I bought the bootleg containers from Walmart for $10. They are round not square. But measure out the same. I have my own DVD’s for exercise. I got online and found all the information I needed about the approved foods and such. A friend had the program and let me copy the entire book. That helped fill in some of the gaps. Thanks Meriah for sharing your journey.

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