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One truth (about Ds/our lives with Ds)
One tip (- information on something related to Ds/raising a child with Ds/or just parenting in general)
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One truth:

I’ve never cared much if Moxie will learn to talk.
What I do care about – and have always cared a lot about – is her ability to communicate. I want to be able to understand her and I want her to be understood. I also want her to have a language that she can excel in.
Since speech tends to be a difficult area for people with Down syndrome, and since I’ve seen many people with Down syndrome sign gorgeously, I have wanted to focus on something that I felt sure she would easily be skilled in, rather than focus exclusively on something she would really struggle with and find frustrating.
So my truth here is that I have laid more importance on signing with Moxie than I have with speech.

One tip:

Moxie is fearless with heights and she’s an avid climber. She climbed right out of the crib before she could walk.
So we followed what another friend with a child with Ds was doing and just placed Moxie’s mattress directly on the floor (we took an Ikea kura bed and flipped it over, bunk-style, putting the mattress where a play space would normally be). It’s worked out wonderfully.
** note: She also has sleep apnea and moves constantly throughout the night, so we also set up big cushions around (the mattress, against the walls) so that she also has the option of easily sleeping upright (face forward) on one of them.

One Photo:

photo 2

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  1. Ah yes, communication very important. When Marcus was small, sign language saved our lives. Oh to be able to understand each other. Whew! Then he just dropped it as he began to talk.
    A few years ago we took an ASL class together at the community college, it was a great refresher and experience.
    Awesome Pic!

    1. thanks!
      I’d love to take an asl class with Moxie… are you both fluent now?

  2. Samantha used to have that dress Moxie’s wearing in that photo!! Going to join the hop shortly… 🙂

    1. Really?!! I wish I was on Samantha’s hand-me-down train…:)

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