3 Ways You Can Help A Disabled Friend Who Wants To Move 

People with severe disabilities will often rely on their friends and family more than most when it comes to making significant changes in their lives. For this article, we’re going to talk about some of the ways you could assist a friend with disabilities to navigate a home relocation. The process is not as complicated as it might sound, and in most instances, you just need to offer some support. However, below are three areas in which your friend is going to appreciate some assistance in most cases. Of course, you might have to offer more or less help based on the nature of the individual’s condition.



Do some of the heavy lifting


In most situations, people with mobility issues will struggle when it comes to performing all the heavy lifting alone. So, that is one aspect of the relocation where you’re assistance is going to come in handy. Sure, your friend might employ the services of a removals firm, but they’ll still want to do most of the packing themselves. Just try to help out wherever you can. Maybe you could ask the person, do you want to use myBekins storage near me, or a facility closer to your home? In most situations, it makes sense to hire a storage unit, even if only for a few days before the move. That way, the movers will find it much easier and faster to load their trucks.



Lighten the mood


Sometimes all you have to provide is a friendly voice to lighten the mood during the relocation process according to a recent WiseBread article. People tend to get stressed out when they pack their lives away into a cardboard box, and so your friend will feel much happier knowing you’re calm and ready to assist with anything. Maybe you could make sure your friend gets out for lunch and takes some time away from the property during the packing stage? It’s essential that everyone takes a break from time to time, and people with severe disabilities should never wear themselves out too much.



Ask your friend how you can help!


If you’re still stuck for ideas when it comes to the best ways to help your friend – just ask them! Lots of people struggle to ask for assistance when they need it most because they don’t want to become a burden. That is why you must make it clear that you’re around to take some of the strain. Just be upfront and say to your friend “right, what shall I do next?” It’s as straightforward as that. Don’t wait for them to make some requests because that might never happen.


So, you should try to help out with any heavy lifting, cheer your friend up when they need it, and make sure they know you’re willing to assist with anything. If you do that, you will provide the best support possible to your friend, and they will appreciate the effort. Hopefully, people who take that approach and find the best moving company will navigate the process without too much hassle.