3 Weeks In

It's been a long time since I've been as unable to write as I have these past few weeks.

A long, long time – it comes down to not being able to type over his head (yet) and not getting enough sleep (yet) which both boil down to not latching on correctly (yet).

The whole latch thing is not dire – it's simply a work in progress. Getting to know each other, taking some time. Having two other kids around does NOT make this process easier.

I know this sounds all kinds of "bad mommy", but I'm also pretty set on Mac's being okay with the breast or bottle, with breastmilk or formula. I locked myself up pretty tight with Moxie and her breastfeeding, in which she'd only take the breast – I don't want the same thing to happen here, with him. I want some feeding freedom.

I want to share the feeding love!

Give the kids a chance to help out, too

Moxie is really getting into her new role. She hears Baby Mac cry and will dive over for the bottle or pacifier.

I'm also pretty sure that "Mac" is her first very conscious, carefully articulated word. She goes for it, "mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaac". And then checks with his signing nickname. Then goes back, "mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaac" (the 'ck" sound is barely there for her), then she runs through ALL of our names and signing nicknames before heading right on back to "mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaac".

It's endearing. It's adorable. For some reason, it also makes me tear up.

Hormones. I'm telling you. They never stop.


Speaking of which. I think the "blues" came and went. I found myself crying over things like, oh, the sun shining and then I was snapped back to my version of normal. I hope that was the end of that. I'd like to think it was.

The healing is still on a solid positive. My back has been hurting and I discovered yesterday that I DO really need those painkillers still and I DO really need to take it easier than I have been. But overall, this is still pretty smooth. Knock on wood.


Mikey's back at work full time. Before he went back though, we slipped off to Fisherman's Wharf. Tourists in our own backyard.

It was kind of fun.

The real tourists kinda got under our skin and made us want to get away from them. But it was fun for a while and we still have our Bucket List to plan out.


Right now my head is a mass of fog from lack of sleep and there are piles and mountains of things to Get Done. I wanted to this to be a smooth and flowing post with lots of pep but I guess it's just going to be what it is.

And that's okay, right?


– The Moxie Doll giveaway is still on – easy comment entry with 3 winners!

– Most all of the photos here were posted on instagram/facebook – if you care to follow the thread, I'm at 'withalittlemoxie' on both.

And tell me, do:

What's new and good in your world right now?




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  • "…it's just going to be what it is. And that's okay, right?" OF COURSE!!!!

    I have a lot of anxiety about adding number three in early March, I can barely get in and out of the grocery store with two…and my sanity intact. Here's hoping you can ease into this 'mum of three' thing with more sleep and patience each and every day.

    What's new and good in our world? The weather has warmed up a bit so we can play outside in the afternoons. The girls are recovering from their colds and this will hopefully be the ONLY sickness we have to fight off this winter. Hoping…


  • I'm glad you are feeling relaxed about the feeding stuff.  No need to get all wound up about it and the freedom is so great when you are the momma of three.  I do miss your every day posting though.  Sleep Mac and let momma write. 🙂

    How do you get those nifty frames and filters for Instagram?  Mine just has the same set it's always had, which I'm getting a bored with.


  • My kids have all been premature, I tried hard with the first two to get them to nurse, it just wasn't happening. I made the decision with the last two to just  bottlefeed and it was SO nice. I had enough to stress about (Casey was diagnosed in August, Peyton was born in November). What I wish other mothers would do is SIMPLY BE SUPPORTIVE.

    Like a good nursing bra.

    You do what is best for you, your baby and YOUR sanity.

    I had postpartum depression, which I don't know is the same as baby blues. Whatever it is, I'm glad you're past it. If it comes back, talk to me. I've been there.

    He's beautiful. I love all of the pictures so much.

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    Meriah, check under Mac's tongue and see if that frenulum is a little closer to the teeth than it  should be.  That is what was wrong when my grandson had a hard time latching and it later came back to bite him when he began to speak.  It's very easy to resolve, a doctor can just cut it and it heals very quickly (like in 24 hours or less).  It would have definitely made it easier for Jack to nurse and kept him from spending hours in speech therapy like his Daddy had to.


    • Yes, we know all about that pesky frenulum. Micah had a short one and we didn’t cut it and BOY did we wish we had, later….

      I’m pretty sure Mac’s is okay: I think it’s just us getting used to each other. and me being sleep deprived….. 🙁

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