31 for 21: Week Roundup

A Round-Up is in order for weeks like this:

This week there was a most awesome BabyLegs Giveaway. You can still enter, daily even. It closes next Tuesday. Get that Grab-Bag while you can! (BabyLegs even said they’d tailer it to your kid’s size and gender.)

I wrote of some more serious stuff this week in my post about Informed Choices. And Faith and Down Syndrome. Meaty topics. Others have written of these – and more – so please stop by the 31 for 21 Facebook Page (link’s on the sidebar) and blog browse. There are some truly beautiful stories out there.

Tomorrow my friend Megan will be sharing her Thin Place – you will want to tune in.  

Would you like to share your ‘Thin Place” sometime? Shoot me an email – doozeedad (at) gmail (dot) com.

1. My mother in law is in town! Micah and Moxie are getting a crash-course in French, some fierce Ba-Noi (“Grandma” in Vietnamese) love and hugs. Lots and lots of ’em.

2, I stayed up too late the other night because I discovered that netflix is indeed, captioned according to device. My roku player sucks. My iPhone does not. I cuddled up with it and went nuts, stayed up like a kid hot on MTV (back when MTV was midnight-only – remember that?!).

Despite walking around like a bleary sleep-deprived 12-year-old, I’m deeply happy about the captions. Really, really happy. Enough to do a little happy-dance-jive, right here, right now.

…and now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to eating that heaping plate of crow…

3. Winter garden is almost all seed-planted – more, much more on that later. But of course.

4. Micah is obsessed with costumes. I thank my lucky stars that I got a boy that seems to LIVE for dress up. That sounds kind of bad, doesn’t it.

Have I told you yet how utterly creative and supremely talented I think this kid is? Check this out:
He collaged this – cut up the cat and pasted it back together with a super-cool background – completely on his own! I didn’t suggest one thing. Just laid out the tools. The smudge on his face, by the way, is from baking, Chef Micah!

My Favorite Photo That I Took This Week:

It’s this one. And the other one that I’ll post on Sunday.

My Favorite Stuff From The Internet This Week:
Damn You, Auto Correct 
We Are the 99%
 Tina Fey’s Poem for her daughter (not new, but new for me)

It’s Disability History Week right now – and I thought this site was interesting

A Good and Perfect Gift Giveaway:
Random.org says that my copy of “A Good and Perfect Gift” will be mailed out pronto to Team Lando. YAY!

The Parents Blog Award Thing:
doozeedad got 84 votes! And had 84 “followers” on Google Friend Connect at the time of voting. That’s like every single reader voted for the blog and dang but that gives me the love.

I’m going to completely stay out of your hair about stuff like that for a good long while, promise. I also promise that if I ask you to vote for something again, it’ll be for something you don’t have to register for. Once-click kinda deal. Cross my heart.

I’m still enthralled. My favorite app (s) o’ the week:

  • JotNotPro (not free but I was able to send a fax directly from the phone!!)
  • Firefox: SAVES ALL MY BOOKMARKS from the laptop. Gold. I’ve had the system crash so many times that the only thing I worry about now is the loss of my bookmarks (I can’t use delicious because of Firefox incompatibility and that’s just a long boring sentence in and of itself, isn’t it?)
  • Google Voice. I’m smitten! Set up the account (I got a google number but if I had the stomach to deal with the system, I could have used my current cell phone number). I can make and receive calls for free – I can also – get this – have my messages transcribed!! YES! For FREE!!! Say what you will, I *heart* google

What are yours?

That’s the round up, I guess I’ll head on out now – oh – WAIT – what’s that? Oh, it’s Moxie!  You have something you want to say, honey?


check this out! (jam, jam, jam)
what’cha think?
you want me to play it again?
…um – unfortunately, I got the captions wrong here with Moxie (what do you expect –  a deaf mama captioning?!) and she full-on nose dived into a hug after the photo, so that was IT and I am NOT complaining because being covered up with Moxie hugs and kisses is just about one of the best things the world has to offer. 
Have a great weekend!
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  • Disability Awareness Week? Didn't know! I did just finish up No Pity, though. Amazing, thought-provoking, and I think a must-read for anyone even remotely interested in advocacy.

    Two of my favorite internet time-killers are Ravelry (for the knitting/crocheting set) and Cake Wrecks. Gosh, do I love me some Cake Wrecks! 😀

  • I remember reading your blog when you were pregnant with Moxie – I can't believe how big she is already! and such a cutie too 🙂

  • I just came over from the blog hopping and got stuck and clicked around. I will def come back, already added ou in my reader 🙂
    I spent a lot of years in the US and now we live in Austria, but I am originally from Sweden. My kids grow up with English, Swedish, GErman and ASL.
    Christina (Prince Vince)

  • I want to hear about your winter garden! So far I've just let my garden go in the winter, but I want to grow this winter.

  • Had fun blog hopping today.. You have a fun blog. The comments on iPhone apps caught my eye today cause I just got one 🙂 I'll be back!!!

  • Blog hopping a few days late. (looks like it will be a challenge for me to get done by the 31st with reading them all!) Anyway, I have been following you for some time. Love Ms. Moxie. She is gorgeous!

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