Across the Ocean: With Kids!

family of 5 driving to the airoport

There we were at the airport, and I admit that I was kind of nervous.

I was nervous about everything! The dynamics of traveling with 3 little kids for 20 hours! The flight! The seats! The layover in Beijing! You know what?! I didn’t tell Mikey but I was even nervous about our tickets! They were so cheap, you see – we paid $2,500 round-trip, including taxes. Which is a huge amount of money still, but when tickets to this part of the world will usually cost double that, it gives cause to a little concern about scams and stuff.

family of 5 driving to the airoport family of 5 posing for a photoIt was so cool though. Like a dream. We just rolled in, rolled up, rolled on. So easy.

The flight did me a little trip because every other movie was about disability.

There was a powerful-kick-you-in-the-gut one on a blind massage business in China, one on a half-deaf Chinese girl, a Ukrainian movie on the impediment of beauty (!) and this French one, The Belier Family, on a CODA (- Child Of Deaf Adult) that had me sobbing. That blubbery kind of sobbing, you know? I felt vulnerable! And didn’t really want everyone to see me crying like that, so I was trying to hide it which is just not an easy thing to when you are scrunched in those teeny tiny airplane seats with tons of curious Asian grandmas all around you. That movie was soooo freaking good. Looks like you can watch it online for free in a few places (google it) – netflix has it too (here).

Anyway so.

Meriah Nichols -6 Meriah Nichols -4 Meriah Nichols -2 Meriah Nichols -1

Before I forget – some people have asked me about devices for the kids. We bought a Kindle Fire – the $50 one that comes with an SD card slot – and loaded it up with TV shows and movies that we downloaded. About 64 GB worth. So far, this is the best (and cheapest) option I’ve seen – along with the headphones, we can bring it anywhere.

Meriah Nichols -7 Meriah Nichols -3

We walked out of the airport at Ho Chi Minh City around 2 in the morning. The air was humid, warm, sultry. People were just hanging out, sitting and watching the new arrivals as if we were all a TV show. It reminded me of China and it all made me smile.

God, but I love Asia. And God, but I’ve missed it too.

5 millions memories wrapped in my 10 years of living in this part of the world and it makes the bones inside me kind of relax.

Meriah Nichols -1-2

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    • wow, that was a great article. Thanks for posting!
      I had no idea they were hearing actors! That really upsets me. I also *TOTALLY* didn’t get the whole deaf/music thing the writer was alluding to. I mean, I’m not saying it wasn’t there – maybe they were moaning about how sad it is that deaf people can’t enjoy music, but that didn’t come across to me at all. In fact, at the end, I was crying not because the parents could appreciate the music, but because I thought others were learning to appreciate the sign language!
      In light of what she said, I can understand why deaf would want to boycott it.

    • um… !! I do think it was a pretty easy trip (comparatively!) but they didn’t sleep much. Micah didn’t sleep at all and Mack only slept from Beijing to Vietnam. They were absolutely zonked by the time we got there and it took them over 2 days to even out. We think next time we’ll go for more melatonin!

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