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The 365 Days with Disability Project – #365dayswithdisability

365 days with disability - #365dayswithdisability

365 Days with Disability – #365dayswithdisability –  is the Instagram-based photo project that seeks to normalize disability, one gloriously mundane photo at a time!

Read the posts below – this one in particular – for more information about 365 Days with Disability and how to participate, then scroll further down to see a sampling of some of the photos hash tagged #365dayswtihdisability on Instagram.

365 Days with Disability: Features

The 365 Days with Disability - #365dayswithdisability project - has over 4,000 photos tagged to it now, and has received participation and interest all around the world. As more people join in, I find myself thrilled that it's taking off and absolutely fascinated by the photos and diversity of the disability community. We truly do [...]

#365dayswithdisability – We’re Everywhere; Join Us

People with disabilities are all over the world, living awesome, mundane lives

365 Days with Disability

365 days with disability – hash tagged #365dayswithdisability – the Instagram based photo project that is by and for the disability community

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