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The 365 Days with Disability Project – #365dayswithdisability

365 days with disability - #365dayswithdisability

365 Days with Disability – #365dayswithdisability –  is the Instagram-based photo project that seeks to normalize disability, one gloriously mundane photo at a time!

Read the posts below – this one in particular – for more information about 365 Days with Disability and how to participate, then scroll further down to see a sampling of some of the photos hash tagged #365dayswtihdisability on Instagram.

On Autism Awareness, Girls and Intersections

Autism Awareness needs more attention. We are beginning to understand Autism as expressed in girls, and Autism is easily confused with other disabilities

A Short History of the Disability Rights Movement

The Disability Rights Movement is an integral part of US American history. This post is a very, VERY short summary of what it was/is, with the best videos out there on it, and some suggested resources for more information. Read more and investigate the links at the end of the post! *Note: this post was [...]

How to Stop Your Child From Eloping: A Guide for Parents of Children with Autism and Down Syndrome

You want to know how to keep your bolting child safe? This post will cover low and high tech tools, simple ideas proven solutions for children who run off (“elope” or “bolt”)

Life and Beth…and Inter-Neuro Love

Life and Beth, Amy Schumer’s dramedy, misses the mark in a lot, but not in it’s depiction of an inter-neuro love unfolding. And we need these stories

What is a Developmental Disability?

Kari (who has a Developmental Disability) explains what a Developmental Disability actually is and is not

I Thought It Wasn’t Respectable to Be Blind

Stacy Cervenka, blind activist and mom talks to Kari Turner about grilling, the cost of Uber and so, so much more

Characteristics of Down syndrome (with downloadable graphic)

What are the characteristics of Down syndrome? This one will help you really understand!

Just The Two of Us: Love Needs Space!

“Just the Two of Us” explores intimacy and Down syndrome with “love needs space”

Marlee Matlin, Her Perfect Teeth, and CODA

Marlee Matlin’s perfect teeth almost scared me away. Glad they didn’t. CODA deserves all the awards.

Medicare Advantage Plans: What You Need to Know

4 Things to look for in medicare advantage plans, as well as the pros and cons of medicare advantage plans

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