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365 Days with Disability: Features

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365 Days with Disability: Features

The 365 Days with Disability – #365dayswithdisability project – has over 4,000 photos tagged to it now, and has received participation and interest all around the world.

As more people join in, I find myself thrilled that it’s taking off and absolutely fascinated by the photos and diversity of the disability community. We truly do cover every intersection: cross cultural, cross-gender (and even trans-gender!), moving through every religious, atheist and agnostic affiliation and through gay, straight and everything-in-between sexual identities.

I am proud of our diversity. 

I am also proud of our creativity, strength, resiliency, and the beauty of our forms and spirits.

I invite you to participate yourself by hash tagging photos that you post on Instagram to the project (#365dayswithdisability), following @365dayswithdisability on Instagram for the features, and of course, getting to know the community.


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The 365 Days with Disability Project

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