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Supporting Down Syndrome Owned Businesses

supporting companies owned by people with Down syndrome and/or allies of our community

My Daughter Doesn’t Happen to Have Down Syndrome

A person "happens to have" small and inconsequential things. Like, they "happen to have" a propensity for chocolate milk, they "happen to have" a love of power ballads. Maybe they "happen to have"  freckles. You don't "happen to have" something that will affect every aspect of your life, like Down syndrome does. You just HAVE

The King’s Speech Discussion Questions

The Lit League (Riveting Book & Movie Club with Disability Intersections) chose The King's Speech to watch and discuss. We'll be discussing it on Twitter on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5, 8pm CT (that's 9pm EST, 6pm PST and 3pm my Hawaiian time 🙂 ) How to Participate:  Start your answer to Q1 with A1, and include #TheKingsSpeech in

Telling, a Poem by Laura Hershey

What you risk telling your story: You will bore them. Your voice will break, your ink spill and stain your coat. No one will understand, their eyes become fences. You will park yourself forever on the outside, your differentness once and for all revealed, dangerous. The names you give to yourself will become epithets. Your

The Best Down Syndrome Awareness Videos

This post is specifically about videos for promoting Down Syndrome Awareness, and they are all easily accessible on YouTube. This post will be updated as new videos come out or are recommended. The Best Down Syndrome Awareness Videos For Kids Not Special Needs Awesome, super funny 2:00 short that's great for anyone, really Everyone Counts:

8 Things To Do For Down Syndrome Acceptance Month!

This post is about Down Syndrome Awareness Month. It includes both easier and harder ideas on how to focus your attention in the direction of our community this month. October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month We are aware We are aware that people with Down syndrome are the same as people without: deserving of equal

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