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Lorna Duff-Howie in Voices from the Disability Community

Getting to Know You Your name:  Lorna Duff-Howie What’s your connection with disability?  I have CP. Star Trek or Star Wars?  Spaceballs. If you could live in any other country for 2 years, where would you go?   I’m an American living in Scotland, so there’s that.  As for anywhere else, anywhere my family is.

Are You Saying the Wrong Thing? The Right Way to Refer to a Disabled Person (With Star Trek Gifs)

A post for when you want to say the right thing because you are a disability ally.

Target Adaptive Clothing for Kids and Adults with Disabilities and Special Needs

This post is about Target adaptive clothing, a line of clothes for kids and adults with disabilities and special needs that came out in October of 2017. There are affiliate links in this post, which means that if you buy something using a link from this post, I'll get a small percentage from Target. You

Give Your Money to These People: 32+ Disability Organizations Doing Fantastic Work

There are  a lot of disability related organizations out there that do strong work. This list is by no means comprehensive, but it's a good starting point, if you want to find non-profits to financially support. Here are some more organizations that I think are fantastic, and that are 501 (c) 3's: Disability Related Organizations:

Voices from the Disability Community: Carrie Basas

Your name:  Carrie Griffin Basas What’s your connection with disability? I’m recruiting!  Well, seriously, I have Larsen’s Syndrome, a rare congenital joint disorder, and I have been described by loving genetics counselors as a “random genetic mutation.”  Five years ago, I adopted a little girl from a children’s home in Ukraine who has a similar

4 Years: Essays From the Blog

4 Years - The Impetus Behind The Collection of Essays In 2014 I had received yet another email from a mother who had read something on my blog that was the tipping factor in her decision to keep her child with Down syndrome. That is, her decision to not abort her child with Down syndrome. There

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