Health and well-being are two major components of modern life. In 2017, everyone wants to be as fit as possible. The thing is we can look to our friends and fellow neighbors, but the searching stops there. For most of us, the journey is not inclusive of anything outside the bubble. This is sad because different countries and their cultures have a lot to teach us about staying healthy. With that in mind, below are four health lessons everyone can learn from the rest of the world. From Britain to Scandinavia and southern Italy, buckle up because it’s going to be a long ride!



Britain: Drink More Tea


Usually, everyone looks across the pond and sees a reflection of self. Maybe the food isn’t as good, but apart from that we’re all the same, right? Wrong. One thing that sets the Brits apart is their love of tea. And, it has lots of health benefits. Https:// points out it can help lose weight, while tea also has less caffeine. Not only do these features lower cholesterol, but they reduce cortisol levels, too. If you’re in any doubt, tea also contains antioxidants and inflammatories which tackle diseases and boost the immune system.


Japan: Eat Raw Fish


The idea of eating anything raw doesn’t appeal to our western palates. But, the Japanese are making headway with sushi. Essentially, it is a variety of fresh fish prepared with a dipping sauce for a person’s culinary pleasure. Of course, there are health benefits as well as taste benefits. Fish is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for brain growth. A direct effect of this is a better defense against mental illnesses. The key is the rawness of the fish as cooking it takes away the healthy nutrients. Chef, more unagi, please!




Sweden: Take A Break


It isn’t always about the food we eat. What we put in our bodies is important, but doing nothing is just as effective. You will think you know how to take a break, yet the residents of Sweden are the masters. Thanks to their 6-hour working day, the Swedes understand how to find a perfect mix between life and their careers. From a health point of view, the results show that Swedes don’t suffer from stress as much as the rest of Europe. Therefore, as points out, people are happier and healthier. It’s all about relaxing.


Bangladesh: Work Out


When you think of countries with a high level of activity, Bangladesh doesn’t spring to mind. However, a study by The Lancet and reported on by begs to differ. According to the results, Bengalis top the list of the most active countries in the world with only 4.7% of the population inactive. Compared to countries such as Brazil (9.1%) and Cambodia (11.2%), they look like Usain Bolt. The key here is not exercising per se, but activity levels. Walking and moving, in general, keep them at the top of the list, which shows you don’t have to hit the gym.


As you can see, travel does broaden the mind.