4 Surprising Ways To Cope With Chronic Pain

All over the world, millions of people live with debilitating and chronic pain. Medications are always on offer to people and while living with pain can be disabling, not everyone likes to just rely on medicine to feel well. Some people are far more able to manage pain than others are, and this isn’t always understood. Sometimes, pain can be such a – well, pain – that you end up having to give up work and adapting your home because your pain stops you from living the life that you once led.

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Taking on some more creative approaches to pain can not only distract you from the day to day issues that you face, but it could mean that you find something that will work for you – even by accident. With this in mind, we’ve got four surprising ways that you can begin to cope with your pain alongside the medication that you’ve been taking to get through each day. There’s nothing wrong with trying something else a little out there to see if you can make improvements to your life.

Meditation. Not just for those who want to unwind, meditation that is practised mindfully with health as the goal has been proven to reduce daily pain levels. Meditation can reduce the way that the brain processes pain which leads to a different physiological response. Taking twenty minutes a day can make a huge difference to the way that you feel daily.

Home Improvements. When you live with a chronic pain that becomes a disability, you make changes in your home to make life easy for yourself. This can include everything from installing showers with a powerful flow that can massage, to looking at mattress reviews of Sleep to Live. The improved water flow can target painful areas on your body and relieve some of that pain. The right mattress that is custom made can support you better than before. These home improvements could change your life and your pain levels.

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Curses. Not the witch kind with the cauldron, but actual swear words. When pain gets the better of us, it can make you repress the anger you want to shout about it. How about don’t do that? When you want to swear and shout, go right ahead where it’s appropriate. Research has actually proven that swearing out loud about your pain can make you more tolerant of it while also reducing the perception that you have of the pain in your body. Unusual? Absolutely. Worth a go? YES!

Olive Oil. Healthy foods in your diet are a given but adding olive oil alongside those healthy food can go a long way to reducing your daily pain. Choosing the healthy fats to add to your diet over the trans fats that you could be eating is far more important, especially as olive oil has properties relating to pain relief.

Pain can overshadow everything else in your life. Don’t let it impact your health more than it has to. Make as many creative changes as possible and let us know if it works for you.