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This is a list of various deaf influencers, content creators and performers to follow on social media.

Actually Deaf Influencers and Performers on Social Media

This is the thing. ASL is popular with a lot of people, not just Deaf folks. There are many, many hearing people who teach ASL on social media, make content around ASL

This content might be free or paid, but either way, it doesn’t make sense AND it literally takes away from the Deaf community. Putting it in a metaphor, would you really want to learn Japanese from some white dude who spent a summer in Japan a few years ago, or from someone who is actually Japanese?

If you chose “someone who is actually Japanese,” then this post is for you! Tons of actually Deaf influencers, content creators and performers linked below, in alphabetical order. Let me know if I missed any, and thanks for giving them a follow, share and for supporting actually Deaf creators.

Deaf Content Creators

ASL Slam: FB page: Also:


Candace Jones:

Cassie Simmons:


Cheyenna Clearbrook:

Crom Saunders:

Dack Virnig:

Danie N. Durant:

Deaf Film Camp at Camp Mark Seven:

Deaf Hope:

Deaf West Theater: Also:

Deafies in Drag:

Deafinitely Without Barriers:

Definitely Dope

DPan: Also:

Harold Foxx:

Hii_een (Duc Hien Nguyen)

Ian Sanborn:

Jake Grafman:

James Doolittle:

Jazzy Whipps:

Jeremy Lee Stone:

Jessica Flores:

John Maucere:

Joseph Hill:

Justin Perez:



Patrick McMullen:

Peter Cook:

Queen Foreverrr:

Rikki Poytner:

Rogan Shannon:

Sean Berdy:

Seek the World (Calvin Young):

Some Deaf Guy:

The Endless Show: Also:

The Flipside Show:

The Hangout 1 Harold Foxx and Melmira:

The Maloes Show:

The Rosa Lee Show: Also:

The Stews:

Trix Bruce: Also:

Warren Snipe:

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