5 Things I Learned When My iPhone Was Stolen

iphone2I had been sick. That’s really my main excuse. I was sick and fuzzy brained and lulled by the quiet small town that we were staying near. The sun was warm. I had recently had an attack of Montezuma’s Revenge and was weak, sitting by my beloved across the street from the truck (wherein the chitlins were cool, comfortable and sleeping/reading).

I got up to follow my beloved in taking a look at something on the truck tailgate, forgetting my phone that was next to me. I had been sick, remember, not myself. The sun was warm. The town was so small and quiet. I thought it would be okay – or did I? I think it’s more honest to say I just wasn’t thinking.

And this is what I learned:

  1. Where is my iPhone: best. App. Ever. And guess what? I didn’t have it on my phone! Do yourself a favor and download it RIGHT NOW. You know what I could have done if I had downloaded it? I could have driven right up to where the radar indicated by phone was, stretched out my hand and said, “put it here”. [head-desk]
  2. Insurance: oh, I had it?! What a pleasant surprise! Great to learn and I do think it was worth it.
  3. Dealing with companies: Verizon, the insurance company, all of them are NOT deaf friendly. And they seem stupid – they ask me continually to ‘call them’ on their site and it’s like, wait a sec… besides the fact that you assume I am hearing, you are missing the fundamental point that I just filled out a form that said I’m in MEXICO and my PHONE WAS STOLEN – with WHAT would I be calling you, if I was actually hearing and going to call at all?
  4. Evernote: I don’t use my phone for calling. But I use my phone for everything else: texting, photos, music, audible (if you want to know how a deaf person listens to music/audible on the phone, I would be glad to explain it but you gotta ask), kindle and especially NOTES. I am kicking myself here, KICKING myself because I didn’t use Evernote. Evernote would have synced to my computer and I would have, could have, kept the lists of things I wanted to keep track of, the millions of blog post ideas, the this, the that, and… sigh. Gone.
  5. iCloud: failing Evernote, I could have just logged into iCloud and saved my actual Notes on the cloud… did I ever? NO! Not once! I could have backed up all those photos, all those notes, all my contacts information, every.single.piece. that is standard and iphone-ish, I could have kept.

iphoneI miss my iPhone. That is absolutely true. It’s also true that I see this as a good lesson. This costs mostly time and energy to fix (thanks to the insurance), and a lot of frustration. But I know that I was growing careless and it was better to have this stolen than say, the camera. That’s actually kind of funny as I type it because I use a Nikon D5100 which used, costs around $300 – that is less than the iPhone!! But whatever. You get my drift.

Buckle up, kids, it’s a wild world.


If there are any other apps that are along the lines of ‘you-will-head-desk-yourself-if-you-find-out-later-about-this-and-don’t-have-it’, will you share in the comments?!

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  • To the best of my understanding, insurance does not cover stolen or lost phones. Therefore it would have not done you any good 🙂

  • Hi Meriah, I’m in Australia and my boy Cash has Down Syndrome. Kindred spirits!
    What I would love to know, seeing as you mentioned it, is just how you enjoy music..I’ve always imagined vibrations and perhaps a sixth sense, soul sort of feeling…do tell!
    Kind regards, from the east coast ofAustralia ✌

    • for people that have no hearing at all, it’s the vibrations. Deaf dance parties are really bass-heavy! And have you checked out some of Dame Glennie’s TED talks – hang on, I have an old post on it – http://www.meriahnichols.com/deaf-drumming-do-you-hear-or-do-you-listen/ – and I have another one on deaf music – http://www.meriahnichols.com/deaf-music-2/ – neither of these posts are very good…I’ll need to re-do them sometime. But they give a general idea on the whole thing.

      I also use a device called the gmarc – it’s a coil that works directly with the telecoils in my hearing aids. So anyone who wears a device like a digital hearing aid or a CI can connect these directly to their iPod or whatever and hear directly into their auditory canals or bones. There are other devices that work with hearing aids that are not digital, but I don’t know as much about them.

      It’s actually amazing technology. Pretty much wireless and the sound is complete – as well as we can hear with our hearing aids or CI is as well as we can hear the music.

  • I use find my phone as often as three times a day. It could be in the car, it could be somewhere carelessly left in an odd spot in the house. Once, recently, I found it 15 mi away and one town over, at an evening appointment. Sigh. Glad you have insurance. I have Square Trade. I can’t believe the noodnicks that you just get through telling them you are hearing impaired, and then they turn around and say, “Call me.” No.

    I have a real hate for customer service folks. They are probably required to “help” so many people per hour, but when I ask them to please speak slow, they just jump back into their quick lips. I just tell them I know you are talking, I just don’t know what about.

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