6 Best Disability Friendly Colleges and Universities

Education should be available to every child irrespective of the physical and mental capabilities. The Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 has played a gigantic role in making education accessible to children with special needs. With some modifications like accessible doors powered by IoT, ramps and elevators in buildings, people with disabilities can avail education easily. Several tweaks have been made in the mainstream curriculum, and special study facilities have been installed in the disability schools. The disability friendly colleges have made it possible for them to not only excel but also become an asset. Moreover, students are able to cope up with tasks like coursework, essays or even dissertation using services like dissertation writing services. The dissertation writing service along with on-campus assistance has made it possible for students to achieve academic success. College ranking should be based on the efforts of the schools to make education available to all by going beyond all legal limits. Here is a list of some colleges you might be interested in:


  • University Of Michigan:


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Established in 1817, the institution proudly accommodates 43,000 students currently. Just five months after the Vocational Rehabilitation Act, 1973, the university became active towards making itself accessible for people with disabilities. The Office of Disabled Student Services then changed its name to Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). The SSD has actively advocated the easy access to education at the state, national and international levels. It is also the first in the country to establish a technology lab that is adaptable and set up funding for all the essential requirements. These steps have been replicated throughout the country since then in other disability friendly colleges. Moreover, the services are available free of cost. It also provides Modern Language Aptitude Testing throughout the year along with the HathiTrust Digital Library.


  • University Of Southern California (USC)

USC was founded in the year 1880 with very few pupils and a meager number of teachers. But today the school has flourished to admit 42,000 students and is located comfortably near Hollywood. This feasible location has enabled greater exposure to its student body, particularly, those enrolled in the School of Cinematic Arts. It also provides the Disability Services and Programs, which attribute to its position of second best among all the disability schools. The aim is to help them reap the maximum benefit of academics and also empowering them to be independent. USC primarily advocates autonomy and firmly believes in making students self-reliant and sufficient. In addition to providing overall support, the school encourages pupils to carve their own careers. USC offers free teaching, note taking, special accommodations for testing, and several other means to the students with disabilities.


  • Northeastern University


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Northeastern University is third best in the disability friendly colleges. The educational quality is high owing to the 70% of the enrollments belonging to the best students of their respective high schools. The success rate of 90% of students in their various endeavors after undergraduate programs makes this college extremely popular. Moreover, the affable location of this school in Boston also makes it a lucrative choice. Established in 1898, the school enjoys accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The Disability Resource Center (DRC) at Northeastern works incessantly to earn the school a top ranking amongst the disability schools. The school offers many services free of cost to physically or mentally challenged students. Moreover, a large number of volunteers are available who help their peers in taking notes. DRC also hosts five sessions of transitional training for the students. The pupils get an overview of the program along with getting acquainted with the technical opportunities on the campus. 


  • Xavier University


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Xavier University is yet another school to be amongst the top ranking in the disability friendly colleges. The school offers two separate programs that work free of cost to assist students with disabilities by lending full support in their education. The Disability Services of the School unifies pupils and faculty in the mission. Special accommodations are made for testing, classroom resources, coaching, housing and service animals. Along with this, students are offered assistive technology as well.


  • University of Texas

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The university capital of the state of Texas houses one of the top 20 public universities, the University of Texas. The university has notable alumni which also makes it lucrative to students. The University of Texas also holds a high ranking amongst all the disability schools. The University maintains Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) that holds multiple events throughout the year. Moreover, SSD encourages students to report a Bias incident directly to the Campus Climate Response Team. This ensures full safety and equality to all of them. SSD also provides programs with supportive text, adaptive testing, sign language interpreters and other assistive technologies. 


  • College of Charleston


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Located in the south of Virginia, College of Charleston accommodates 11, 000 students. Being one of the oldest schools in the country, the College stands by its own tradition. The College of Charleston has a Students Needing Access Parity (SNAP) program. The program offers support and guidance for students who have intellectual disabilities. With 900 students enrolled in SNAP, the school has a distinction amongst all other schools that have specific disability focuses.

With the schools now becoming more adaptable, it is becoming easier for the challenged pupils to make a breakthrough. This is indeed helping students across the country.