A Breeched Boo: 35.5 Weeks and Still Sitting Up

We all went to Kaiser to see my OBGYN for (what we thought would be) the last ultrasound. My One True Darling, too. It involved a lot, getting there – both cars still being fixed (but will they ever be done? really?) and the big huge truck doing cranky things on the road.


But we finally arrived and Mikey got to see the kids in action in the waiting room. That was fun – for me – to see him watching the kids and watch a slowing growing gratitude that the kids can't literally climb the walls or fly. Almost, but not quite.


My OB did the ultrasound and. Boo is breech.

Oh, Boo.



This sucks in every way imaginable – yes, we have a c-section scheduled for his actual due date (- Halloween!) but that is for the risk of uterine rupture. My hope is and has been that he'd come earlier and we could have a nice natural birth in the hospital.


I don't know. I just don't want to go through everything I went through in trying to turn Micah (- headstands in water, walking 4 billion miles, light stuff, moxibustion, acupuncture, inversion – which is awful and painful – and weird poses while watching TV). But I don't want to be this awful mother who doesn't do enough. And I don't want another c-section – oh God, healing from one of those things while potentially caring for my two little people?! Ugh.


If you are the praying sort, pray for me and pray for Boo to go ahead and turn in the next few weeks. And if you are not the praying sort, would you give me some nice visualizations of a great, low-key, easy-to-recover-from birth?

Thanks. Needing me some mojo, I do.

* Afternote * My friend Miriam sent me this link to Spinning Babies – this looks hopeful. Any and all other advice, links, information, tips (other than drinking special spin sauce) would be very well received by this Mama over here.


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  • Carter was breech, and I went to a chiropractor specializing in turning breech babies, and after a few visits he flipped. I was pretty impressed, and I didn't have to do any sort of crazy things to get it done. (-:


  • Random commenter here (I found your blog by way of the Love That Max link-up and started poking around!) – but I figured I'd toss this out: have you gotten in touch with your local chapter of I-CAN? If you have already, I apologize, but those ladies know things! They're so resourceful! I'm new to your blog, so maybe there's a post that tells me all this stuff already – but figured I'd toss it out there! Best wishes for a low-key, easy-to-recover-from birth, no matter WHAT happens! <3

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