A Date to be BORN

I received an email night before last from my OB- she said that the San Francisco hospital has pulled through for Boo and I and we are on!

Wednesday, October 24th, it is!




When the tremendous feeling of relief faded a bit – and it's no exaggeration to say "relief" with the intense pressure I've been feeling, coupled his cripplingly vigorous kicks (both of which make me scared that I'll burst or he'll come right out with one of those one-placed jabs).


And when the relief faded a bit, I thought, man, how cool is this? I'm going to have one child born in Oakland, one in Alameda and one in San Francisco! The heart of the Bay Area. And for Boo, how fitting to be born in the hospital that provided such excellent genetic counseling and the CVS for him.


It all feels right, feels good, feels like it's as it should be.


My friends have showered us with stuff – the material things that make it all easier. Mari loaned us her Moses basket, Anne her Arm's Reach – and toys, jumper – even breast friend (heh heh- remember that?!). Katie, her swing, loads of nursing wear, car seat, more.


It's all coming together.


He's got a couple of baskets of clothes now, a place to be comfortable and you know what? I think that's enough.


In a good mood – so relieved, a mountain off of my shoulders – I want to celebrate these last few days of having just two kids. Celebrate the imminent arrival of Boo. Celebrate Halloween too, my very favorite holiday.


So we got started with the pumpkins:

She thought it was exciting: paper! tape! pumpkins! ooooooooooooh, yeah!


A couple of pumpkins: one for Micah, one for Moxie and I.

He loved the materials, loved the thought of eating the seeds, making something from the innards. He's such an interesting boy. I'll bet every mom thinks that about her boy.

She watches him, I tell you

My heart swelled.

Pumpkins, done! Seeds, ready-set to bake.

Micah wondered if those pumpkins are going to scare people or make them smile.


What do you think?


Thanks for all the love you've been sending our way – I'm sure it has something to do with San Francisco creating an opening for us, for thinking working out so beautifully.



Don't forget – giveaways still going on – Conny Wenk's 2013 Calendar and "Moxie" Keychain.

Plus the Blog Hop.


You might be wondering what will happen with the rest of the giveaways and hops, since I"ll be in the hospital? Were you wondering? Well, I'm going to set up what I can via auto-post. Some things might be drawn out later – like the giveaways – but they will happen.


Cross my heart.


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  • Love love love the pumpkins!  I bet it is a relief to have a birth plan in place.  It sounds like you are all prepared for Boo to join the family.  I am very excited! 🙂

  • I just teared up. I'm SO HAPPY for you, for things working out, for you having a feeling of peace. Its about damn time, universe!

    Sending all of my positive vibes for a seemless uneventful family centered cesarian that brings Boo to you with as little drama and as quick a recovery as possible.

    We're rooting for y'all from here.


  • I'm so glad I got on Facebook today-I wouldn't have known that Boo was making his arrival early!  So, the package that has been sitting on my desk for the past week will be headed to you via overnight mail tomorow.  

    Here's to Boo's SAFE arrival, no matter how it may be.  I'll be thinking of you friend and sending lots of positive, happy birth vibes your way on Wednesday!  <3

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