A Day of Pure Familial Thanks

 I love the sweet, lazy unfolding of a day with extended family; the cackling of the fire, the thwump-thwump vibrations of feet both large and small making their way across a wood floor.

The walls that feel as if they are embracing this clan of many.  

Sometimes…I love not cooking and not even pretending like I will.

My family goes way back in Blue Lake, no lake. The story is something like this: my Great-Grandpa was a logger and he died when a tree fell on him. Grandma had lots of family – her mother’s sisters were mainstays in the town, the kind of people who were Teachers back in the day when that meant Respect.

My Grandpa Knobby found his way up from the orange groves he was picking in Los Angeles, following his mother when she left his dad – for another man! scandal! Grandpa became a lumberjack and married Grandma and I think they had a cabin in Big Lagoon. But I’m not sure.

They eventually went down to San Francisco, and so on and so forth and..fast forward 50 years and my (still married) parents decided they wanted to live in Blue Lake, no lake! Then Dana moved here from China! Then all of his kids did too! And then my Mom’s Mom, Grandma! And now voila, the town is back to being full of our ilk.



We walked to the cemetery together, my niece Yu Han, Mikey, Moxie and myself. We half-meandered there, but once on our way, thought it would be nice to say ‘hello’ to old family resting there on what was a day of pure Thanks.

Hello, Aunt Tots
We said hello to people we didn’t know, too. It’s nice to be friendly.

 And enjoyed our walk


 And the flowers

Enjoyed bits of life’s beauty along our way

 And each other. Most of all, we enjoyed each other.

And then! Once back, I made sure my eat-a-lot-clothes were on, fully expandable.

ank God I haven’t tossed the maternity pants yet!
Everyone (except me) had made a little something and all that “little something” had added to “quite a lot” and boy was it ever fun tucking in! 

I felt that exquisite bliss that comes from well-prepared foods mingling harmoniously on the plate, on the palate, while looking at people I love and see too seldom. Feeling all that good energy that was coming off of them in that time, moment in space.

 Nieces and nephews must be a taste of what it’s like to have grand kids.

 Happy Weekend of Thanks. From my family, to yours.

Another Rose of Blue Lake for you

…and I can’t WAIT to hear about your Thanksgiving. Or weekend of thanks! What did you and yours do?

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