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I want to add a million disclaimers or qualifiers to the phrase, “I am a hoarder.” I want to sputter out, “but not as bad at the people on the show,” or “I used to be so much worse!” or whatever. But the truth of the matter is that I really do have the heart and soul of a hoarder.

Hoarding and moving to the extent that I do obviously mesh like peace, quiet and Moxie – which is to say, not at all.

I try and tame the propensity for accumulation of objects that delight me by (trying to) keep only really small, useful stuff – something that I can argue my way out of an institution. When they say (in that gentle, professional voice), Meriah…you can’t walk through your place… we need to do something, I’ll respond with, “but they are SMALL! and USEFUL!

Magnets on the Cheap did not know this about me when they approached me with an offer to review one of their magnetic products. They didn’t know that the one rather massive indulgence that my hoarding heart allows with ease is MAGNETS. I save MAGNETS! 

Lots and lots of them!

 Here a magnet, there a magnet, everywhere, a magnet-magnet

I love them and it’s not going to be funny or pretty when we go on the Pan Am Overland and I have to leave them behind.

What offered me was this:

Which is, a huge magnet the size of a place mat that we can PUT ON THE TRUCK – you know, a living, sort-of-breathing moving tribute to this blog. I love it!

It’s on the fridge now until we are ready to go. Let me say it again: I love this thing. It’s strong, it’s super magnetic-y. It’s in full colour, gorgeous imagery. They produced exactly what I wanted, which I think is pretty amazing.

They are offering YOU a giveaway too – a super-snazzy $50 gift card for stuff on their site, . The only requirement is that you have to be a US resident (excluding Alaska and Hawaii too, because of shipping costs).

That’s it.

To enter, leave a comment – what kind of magnets do you like? 
If you don’t want to use the comment system here, leave it on facebook (under this post, so your comment doesn’t get lost) or email it.

GIVEAWAY WILL END ON JULY 9 at 12:00am (my time)


While I received a complimentary magnet to review, I wasn’t paid for this post. I said good things about that magnet because I really, really like it. And I really, really like the people at – super friendly, nice and professional. 

Car Magnets
Car Magnets

That’s it.
Okay, go ahead and leave your comment now *smile*

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