A Man of Merit: Mikey and the Case of the Wild Japanese Butterflies

Today is Thursday and I was planning on writing and posting another tutorial on mobile photography for you. But then I realized it’s the 18th. It’s July 18th. And July 18th is my One True Darling Man, Mikey and my own “date-a-versary”. It’s the day we had our first date.

Want to read about it? It’s right here, on this blog! Here’s the “Doki-Doki Shiteiru: Wild Japanese Butterflies in My Stomach” post in which I write bits of scintillating nonsense like,

He is going to come here today and we are going to go plum picking. I have no idea how I am going to live through it all – hours with him! How will I not drool when he smiles? But he likes me! He was looking forward to seeing me!Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then!

Plum Glory: New Love” where I wax all…

 …I liked that I felt he was with me. He was thoughtful, considerate. Slow and mellow and happy to watch slugs. Happy to get me tea. Happy to hang out doing nothing, just because we were together.

And then it gets really embarrassing, but you know what? I’m forging through the sap anyway! I’m giving myself up to the embarrassment of me in LUVVVVVVVV! Here is, “Breathless: So in Love” for you to laugh at/with:

Yesterday when I saw him at the bike shop, I felt like my chest was constricted and I couldn’t get air out…Anytime I think of his quick, sudden smile, I smile. Or the things he says. Or his beautiful emails to me. Or the way the sun lightens strands of his silky brown hair, changes the browns in his eyes. His fuller upper lip. Perfect thick half-moons of eyebrows…His endearing seriousness, perfect light-heartedness. Consideration, he’s so thoughtful. Smart, articulate, and with calloused hands (how sexy!)…

WOOOOOOOOT! I had it BAD!!!!

“Love, Love Flutter Being” is so awful I can’t bear to link, then there is “A Happy Kind of Love, Happy Crying” which again makes about as much sense as a punch drunk bee driving a bus.

It’s a microscopic tad better when I move into “Gidgeting Gizmos” but come ON! I’m finding ROMANCE in our glasses clinking?!!!! I talk about hearing aids for the first time on this blog with:

I wear hearing aids (“doodads”) too – so it gets to be even more fun. Feedback! BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! M says that they remind him of a chastity belt – they scream when he gets too close.

(and I hope it’s appreciated that the first time I ever talked about them here, it’s because they are being compared to a chastity belt)

The next post is the best, ever.

It’s direct: “I AM PREGNANT

(and perhaps predictable with that much LUVVVVVV in the air)

…… so there I was, calling the hospital to get the results from my pregnancy test which I took in the hospital because I didn’t believe the stick:

me: negative?
him: positive
me: did you say positive?
him: yes
me: or was it negative?
him: no, positive
me: oh, so, I guess it’s positive?
him: yes, positive
me: positive, right, positive?
him: yes



Mikey: it’s been six years. SIX!!!!!

I can honestly say that I love you more now than I did then, even with all that craptastic-sap spilling out of those early posts. Now, more than ever, you are My One True Darling Man. Because I’ve seen you calm down and not lose your cool after Moxie flooded the toilet and the baby had a blowout and WOULD NOT STOP CRYING for an hour and Micah was whacking the cat and I was a depressed slump. I’ve seen you help me through a home baby delivery (even after I chucked that glass at your head which I don’t think you will ever let me forget). I’ve seen you grow into this almost-sort-of new person, this man who has gained more than 50 pounds in the time I’ve known him: a man who has gained oceans of patience, courage, perseverance and a solid appreciation for wipes.

You’ve gone from Mikey the hot bike mechanic to Mikey the hawwwwwt baby-dad, all-round mechanic. You’ve gone from this very*sexy guy who made weird food with dandelions to this incredibly*sexy guy who makes stuff that would give Jacques Pepin a run for his money (whatever your modesty might say about that). I’ll admit it here and now but ONLY THIS ONCE: you’ve become a far better cook than me. So take this compliment and frame it, my love. It’s not coming again so easily 🙂

I’m really glad I met you.

I’m really glad we fell in love.

…and I’m really glad I started blogging when I did, if only to capture these tortuously embarrassing early moments together.

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6 years. Wow.



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