A Million Reasons

happy things that are floating my boat....

My little house was full yesterday.

I had kids over, people dropping in and out all day, guys working on the new addition for the yurt. I was trying to get some stuff done too, things I really need to take care of before the weekend, but you know what? It felt really good to have so many people coming around. It was great to see kids romping around outside, to have busy energy swarming around our yurt.

I realized how happy it all makes me, and all of the millions of things that are floating my boat right now:


My friend Marissa and her kids visited us.Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-51Her daughter Anna had been one of Micah’s very best friends in the Bay Area. In the Bay Area, 2 (out of 3) of Micah’s very best friends were girls, but here on the Lost Coast, he’s not even good friends with one girl. So I was curious if his friendship with Anna was going to change – was he in some space of his life in which he needs to be friends with only boys? Is it a Lost Coast thing? Is it an Anna-thing?


I think it’s an Anna-thing. She came, and they were like velcro again. It didn’t seem like much had changed since they were little.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-47Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-48Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-46She is SO FULL OF ideas. Adventures come spewing out of her head and she’s the alpha type. She’s all, “come on, Micah! Let’s build a fort in the fig tree!” and he happily trots after her.

I really love seeing them play. Loved having Marissa and her kids stay with us.

That was a reason that made me happy.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-52Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-35Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-36Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-32Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-21Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-15Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-30

A hike at home.

One of the wonderful things about living on the Lost Coast.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-25Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-28Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-39Except, you know, when you are over a mile and a half in with about half to go and your daughter has had enough of it!

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-12Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-11Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-10Ha!

That last half mile had to have been the longest half mile, EVER. Mack was walking with one foot wearily placed in front of the other – and with those teeny tiny 3 year old feet? It took FOREVER!!

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-6Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-7Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-4I love these people.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-20And I love the Lost Coast.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast Farm-3It’s just crazy-beautiful here, another reason for happiness.

Meriah Nichols Home-4It’s Bob Ross Land out here, happy trees and all.

Meriah Nichols Home-5I’m happy that it looks like I’m going back to teaching.

Meriah Nichols Home-3That’s kind of scary and exciting and awesome. 

I’m happy that I’ll be headed to Portland tomorrow to see friends (Bev! Leah! Jisun!) and pick up Helena, Bryan and Belen  – here’s a photo of them from our trip to New York, visiting them last summer:

_DSC6114I am so excited. And happy that we get to do cool stuff like this. Here are a couple more faves from last year:20150817-_DSC6285

20150819-_DSC6459Whoops. Not happy that I just had to save my brother’s kitchen from a Moxie who has been inspired by watching Masha & The Bear… (have you seen that show?!!)

Better go. Before I do – I wanted to let you know that I started a site for my photos – there are some for sale there or just viewing. You can check it out if you want here: www.meriahsnaps.com

Peace out.


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  • Meriah,
    I love your photos of family and friends in the lost hidden coast, do you still live there ?
    It’s beautiful up there, we were going to buy a house up there last year, but the road into the coast was closed nearly all day due to rains and power outages, but maybe this may be the year to do buy😊😊
    Wishing you all the best.
    Sheila Cormier

    • Thank you! No, we moved last summer because of divorce.
      Landslides are so common there, with the rain in winter! I hope you find a place – it certainly is a wonderful, magical spot.
      Wishing you well,

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