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Children with Down syndrome have a 15-20 times greater risk of developing leukemia than a child without that extra chromosome. This is likely due to the presence of a gene mutation – but the very presence of that mutation means that the child with Down syndrome is also more likely to respond positively to treatment.
Last year, 3 children that I knew within the Virtual Down syndrome Community, died of leukemia.
Matchless heartbreak that deeply affected me.
Facebook updates, blog posts, community care – we stand with the parents whom we know through it all. Sometimes the end is sweet and victory is had.
And sometimes…more rarely…it’s not. Sometimes the parents must lay to rest their precious sweet child.
 There was an update on facebook recently, a mother announcing that her son Oliver was just diagnosed with leukemia. Only 16 months old, he is starting chemotherapy.
I cry each and every time I think of his mother, of him. Of what that would be like, to have your sweet tiny one go through something so painful with such an uncertain outcome.
I have decided to run the Team in Training this year. To push myself to learn how to run and to raise money to find an end to these scourges, leukemia and lymphoma.
With the kind permission of Oliver’s mother, I am dedicating this to him. I want to gather my moxie to run for Oliver.
 I want there to be a certain cure for this adorable boy. I want this world to be one in which our children will be free from cancer.
In which we can live in joy – fully and completely.
Please visit Oliver’s Caring Bridge Page and give him and his family your loving support. For those of you that pray, please pray for him.
As for me, I am getting my fundraising page set up and would be honoured if you would visit. It’s right here: Team in Training.I”d be delighted if you’d contribute – any amount helps the $2,400 minimum.
Thank you!

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