A Spirit, Unsilenced #justiceforethan

I feel the spirit of Ethan so strongly.

I don’t like talking about it because it seems ripe for a trip to FruitLoop Land,  but you know what? I do.

I feel his spirit.

I look at my daughter, Moxie

photo 3

Capricious, delightful, strong willed.

photo 4


photo 3


photo 2


photo 1

With such a devoted, loving relationship with her brothers.

photo 2photo 5photo 4

And I think of Ethan.

He had family too, a sister and a brother who loved him.

A mother he cried out for as he was held down. Dying.

I see my daughter and her extra chromosome and I see the potential for this type of horror to also happen to her.

You say, “no, it’s different” – but really – is it?

Ethan was 3 years old once. The same age that Moxie will be soon. Who was to say then that he would be held down and killed over a movie ticket, some 20 years later in the future?

Who is to say the same thing can’t or won’t happen to my precious daughter, the light of our lives?

Who is to say it won’t happen to your child, the light of your life?


Please join our international Down syndrome community in a vigil on Thursday, April 11th. We will be honoring the life of Ethan, showing our support to his family. Sharing our love.

And we will form a band on twitter and call attention to #justiceforethan.Please be a part of this. Show us that you too, care and that the independent investigation into the homicide of Robert “Ethan” Saylor needs to happen. Lend your voice to ours so that we may be strong and be heard.


Twitter Rally: THURSDAY, April 11th, 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST. Have your Twitter Handle sheet ready along with your TweetSheet (if you need it). When the clock hits your respective timezone, log into Twitter. Start tweeting.

This is the thing: it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. It doesn’t matter at all. What matters is the sheer volume of tweets we can send to the people listed, and the number of times we can raise the hashtag #justiceforethan. If you have a lot of followers, that’s cool – the people who follow you may choose to join – but it’s not necessary, so don’t worry if it’s just you and your best friend. That’s fine.

Vigil: On the evening marking nearly 3 months since Ethan lost his life, join us in remembering his life and in marking in our hearts the injustice done to Ethan. Take a moment to light a candle, eat some pizza and listen to Bob Marley (something Ethan loved doing). Thursday, April 11th.


We will not be silent


Contributing to the Ethan Saylor Memorial Fund:

Because Ethan wasn’t eligible for life insurance, his family has had to pay everything out of pocket. The Ethan Saylor Memorial Fund has been created to help out.

Checks can be made out to
Kim Mercier
400 Oak Court, Baltimore, MD 21228 **notation on the check Ethan Saylor Memorial Fund
All donations are welcome : Just go to “Transfer Money” – the email address to enter is:  ethansaylorfund@gmail.com

Thank you!

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