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I am running a half marathon on May 6 in honor of Oliver, a small boy with Down syndrome who is currently fighting leukemia. Please visit his Caring Bridge page – and lend his family support, your prayers and your love. You can also sign up for email updates on his progress and you can download the Caring Bridge app which makes it even easier to tune in and show your support.
I am trying to raise $2,400 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – I’d be delighted if you would contribute to this most worthy cause by visiting my page: LLS Team in Training.
I was a smoker for 20 years. I had two kids. I am overweight and out of shape (do I need to say that separately?). I have never been a runner ever, in the whole of my 38 years. I am learning now.
What follows is my Training Diary for the week of February 16th.
Thursday, February 16th: Group Training Day
The truck was hic-upping so I couldn’t drive. My bicycle was not decked out with lights, so I couldn’t bike to the session. My running gear was not equipped for the dark streets of my island, so I couldn’t run. I felt lousy. My One True Darling Man was sick. The kids were cranky little demons. It was just not a happy day.
We did go for a walk, a very long one.
 I think it was about 6 miles and I worked out all kinds of depression-based angst-y stuff. The kids fell asleep by the end of it all
 And that was glorious for me, as it was right when we had wrapped up and were at a book store and I had a couple of hours ALL TO MYSELF
I wanted this but did not buy it.
Friday, February 17th
I did yoga, the PBS morning variety. The one from the early 80’s with the lady in high-waisted training pants, long hair parted in the middle and coated in earnestness. The kids were really entertained. I forgot to take a picture because I was trying to stretch and keep the puppies kids off of me.
Saturday, February 18th: Group Training Day
After missing Group Training all of last week, I was determined to go. I drove the 20+ minutes to Fremont and met with the assembled group, freezing in the crisp morning air. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
In a large circle, we listened to someone talking about some stuff which I couldn’t hear all that well, but I did hear the part about some people already having raised their $2,400 minimum fundraising requirement goal. ACK! I’ve only raised $340!
On that note, we set off to run. I ran 2 miles, the whole way, hawkishly watching my pacing and breathing. I did. not. want. to. walk.
I could not talk as I was focusing –  for me to talk, I have to be lip reading, so it just doesn’t work. It’s a choice being focusing on my running or turning to pay attention to someone talking.
With no talking, I’m bored. I can’t wear headphone while group training because… I”m supposed to be talking with my team members.
Talk about a catch-22.
I ran two miles, did not stop. I was very happy. And very cold.
Monday, February 20th
I biked the 7 miles (round trip) to my gym to work on my pacing and breathing with the treadmill. I ran 3 miles, easy peas – and to combat the deathly boredom of running while looking at all those flags (or cnn, take your pick – the flags are probably more interesting), I played music videos from youtube on my iPhone thanks to the gym’s wireless access. MUCH BETTER.
I was roaring!
Tuesday, February 21st: Group Training Day
My baby girl had been up for most of the night and I knew there was no way I’d be able to make the group training.
I woke up an hour later than usual and power-walked to the shoreline of my island, ran for 2.5 miles and then power walked back home. Total: 5.5 miles in an hour. YAY!
The running was challenging but not too much so. When I felt myself getting out of breath, I just SLOWED DOWN and got it back, then kept chugging along. The music really helped. Rihanna, CeeLo, Lady Gaga – they fit jogging like the proverbial glove to a hand.
Another note on the running: I tried to stick to the sandy sort of aisle next to the paved walk. I want as little impact as possible.
After breakfast of oatmeal with blueberries (and chugging coffee), I biked the 8 miles round-trip to baby girl’s program.
I napped very, very well with the kids.
Wednesday, February 22nd
I did nothing. I did nothing extremely well. I am an expert at doing nothing.
If you care to look into the mirror there, you can see my upraised leg assiduously doing nothing
To donate to this most excellent cause of raising money to CURE BLOOD CANCER, please visit my page at the LLS Team in Training.
Those of you that have contributed, I cannot thank you enough.
Please do chip in – any amount is welcome. It’s tax-deductible and it’s going to make sure that we find an end to leukemia and lymphoma.
Hard to beat that when you know people that have died from the two.
And please: keep Oliver, the little 16 month old chromosomally-enhanced Fighter in your heart and prayers. He’s gone through his first round of chemotherapy and his body currently has no immunity. Please, please, please visit his Caring Bridge page and send him and his family your love.

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