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Having committed to running a half marathon for the Team in Training, I am faced with the reality of training myself to actually perform the run.

This is the funny part, kind of. You see, many people say, “oh, I can’t run” and then they jog around a track like, 6 times. Or they say, “I can’t run” and trot for a few miles – and I guess they are being honest in their own unique ways – “jog” and “trot” are not, after all, runs – but I want this be really super clear:
I can’t run. 
I can’t trot.
I can’t jog.

In other words, I can’t do that up-down thing that people do propel their bodies forward.

I smoked for over 20 years. I had two kids. I’m generous to a fault in saying I’m 30lbs overweight (50 is more like it). I’m all of that and I’m still committed.

I’m going to do this and I’m going to keep track of it right here on this blog. Daily, even!

So, I have some catching up to do.

Day One: Saturday Feb 4
I went to the track to meet the team. We ran a test lap and it just about knocked me over. Talk about sheer torture – the gasping, white-pain kind of torture, the sort in which I am staring at that old lady who is flying by me, and feel a shuddering sort of consuming depression in that my body has come to this. 38 years old and crawling around a dang high school track whipped, whupped and wimped.

Then I thought of Oliver, started crying and felt this wave of love for him and his mother…and knew I’d commit to running this. I don’t want leukemia around anymore. I don’t want precious little 16 month old boys going through chemotherapy.

I took a photo of myself when I got to our truck, La Tortuga. Clearly, the photo was taken after the torture part.

Later in the day, went on a lovely 6 or 7 mile family bike ride (and got stung in my armpit by a bee! while riding! tell me: who in the world does that happen to?!!)

Day 2: Sunday Feb 5
Great pelvic pain suffused me. Could. Not. Move.
I stayed on the couch for the better part of the day and just vegged on out.

Day 3: Monday Feb 6
Still in pelvic pain. Went to a yoga class. The pain disappeared completely.

Day 4: Tuesday Feb 7
Training Day: it was pouring rain and I didn’t know if the training would be completed in it. Not wanting to go all the way to the Lake to see if anyone showed up, I went instead to the gym and ran/walked and ellipticalled my way through 5 miles. It was great. I particularly enjoyed watching the Rihanna music videos and getting her songs stuck in my head.

Day 5: Wednesday Feb 8
Horrible pelvic pain. Went to yoga class. Pain disappeared completely again. Yay for yoga!

Day 6: Thursday Feb 9
Training Day: I went to the track and just about fell down in breathless agony after only 1 lap. Yes. One lap. Coach Al said I need to “focus” and that I need to breath through the “solar plexus”. I need to find out where that is located, exactly. I also have a problem in that I get terribly bored while out running. Coach Kim came and talked with me while I trot/crawled around and it helped. A lot.

I took a photo of myself by La Tortuga again. I was happy.

Happy it was over, yes, but also happy in that my body had worked so hard, that I had pushed myself to the degree I did and happy to have so much support.
sweat! (or is that TMI?)

Day 7: Friday Feb 10
I was so tired and out of it that I decided to do nothing. Which I did very well, thank you very much!

Day 8: Saturday Feb 11
Training Day: I started off with my trot, trying to keep my solar plexus in mind and trying to go sloooowwwwwwwwwwww. Very, very hard for me. Mentor Barbara came and kept me company and she was so interesting that I actually trotted for 2 miles! I became terribly nauseous and had to walk the rest of the way.

Nauseousness persisted throughout the whole day. Bleh.

Day 9: Sunday Feb 12
Full course of pilates through netflix streaming, but not much else.

It’s going well and I’m learning a ton about this thing called “running”. Oliver, my inspiration in doing this, has already gone through two courses of chemotherapy. Please visit his Caring Bridge page and lend his family support, your prayers and your love. You can also sign up for email updates on his progress and you can download the Caring Bridge app which makes it even easier to tune in and show your support.

As for my own fundraising, I’d be delighted if you contributed to this most worthy cause by visiting my page: LLS Team in Training – I have $2,400 to raise, so any and all contributions are most welcome!

My weight – I have gained a solid TWO POUNDS. Groan. I don’t care who says what about how muscle is heavier than fat (and so on and so forth); that’s just depressing.

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