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Amazon Prime Membership with an EBT or Medicaid Card

My personal opinion is that in the Best Possible World, we won’t be using Amazon. We will be buying from our small communities and not supporting giants like Amazon.

But. Yeah. This is where we are at right now, and it does make sense to have Amazon Prime if you are going to use Amazon at all.

With Amazon Prime, you get:

    • Fast, free shipping (the goods you ordered are usually there in 2 days, unless you live on an island in the Pacific or off the grid
    • Subscription savings for diapers and things regularly ordered
    • Thousands of movies and TV shows
    • Ad free music streaming
    • Family exclusives

EBT and Medicaid Cards and Amazon Prime Membership

EBT and Medicaid card holders can get Prime for $5.99/month, half of what it costs without.

The link to sign up is HERE and at the end of this post in “Link Resources”

How to Sign Up with an EBT Card

You just click the link here. It will take you to a general page to sign up. You will need to enter your EBT card number and have it verified within the Amazon system, and that’s it.

If you already paid for Prime, you can get the difference refunded by contacting Amazon Chat (I tried to directly link but I can’t; you need to be signed into your Amazon account to access it: Sign in – search “live chat” and it will come up as well as the option to have them call you)

How to Get Groceries with Your EBT Card on Amazon Prime

EBT on Amazon! YES. This is available on a state-by-state  basis; check and see if your state is covered.

You can do so here.

How to Sign Up with a Medicaid Card

It’s the exact same way to sign up for Amazon Prime with a Medicaid card as it is to sign up for Prime with an EBT card. You go to the main sign up page, enter your card number, have it verified, and you are good to go.

If you paid full price already, get the difference refunded.

Other Good Membership and Trial Deals from Amazon Prime

Free One Month Trial

Who is it for? It’s technically for Prime Members only… but if you’ve never subscribed before, you can get a Amazon Prime Free One-Month Trail .

The nice thing about this is that it’s a way to tack on a month first, free. Also, if you are only interested in shopping Prime Day (in July) or participating in a particular seasonal sale, you can just sign up for the trail, have fun with the sale, and exit.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

Try out Amazon, here: Try Amazon

Student Special Membership

If you are a student, take advantage of Prime’s partnership with Sprint and get the 6 month trial membership (and only $6.49/month after the trial expires).

The minute I went back to school, I logged in, waved my student ID in and got refunded the difference in Prime that I had already paid through contacting Amazon on Live Chat. Woot! 

Amazon Prime 6 Month Student Free

Amazon Prime… Sigh

I don’t even know if I can rightly say Amazon Prime is a necessary evil (because nothing evil is necessary). But I have to say: there was something very awesome about needing a textbook for school, being able to login to Prime while in my class, order the textbook, pay,  and with my membership, get it shipped over from Germany for free.

I feel like we should just be aware of what is going on with Amazon’s world domination and be careful about what we buy, careful about “deals” and to be careful about utilizing every way we possibly can to harness deals they offer.

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  1. Wow, I did not know this info! Thank you so much! Also, I hope they expand the EBT services to other states preferably Florida! haha

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