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Simi Linton is way up there in who I want to be like when I grow up.

simi2She’s an ass-kicking, kick-ass disability rights activist and author (of My Body Politic)
and if you don’t know her already, you need to.

Really, you do.

She’s pulling together a movie now called “Invitation to Dance” – here is the trailer:


I’m having a hard time getting the iframe thing to work here – so if it doesn’t kick in, here is the link to the site: Invitation to Dance Fundraising Site Link – WITH TRAILER!

Here’s the movie web page: Invitation to Dance

And here’s the blog about the project: Invitation to Dance: Blog

There is a something like a kickstarter going on now – only a couple of days to raise a few thousand more dollars and get it fully funded.

I know times are tight – and so if you are able to contribute some dollars towards this, it’s extra-appreciated. This movie will be worth it – it’s about dance, community, disability, activism, inclusion.

It’s about a celebration of who we are, where we can go.

Please join me in kicking in and supporting this!

Let’s Dance!

PS. I want that trailer captioned! Can that be captioned? Thanks!

invitation to dance

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