an update from mexico: 3

…and we are back in La Paz now. A La Paz that is warmer and less windy, less busting-at-the-seams with tourists from the Christmas holidays. A pretty great-to-be-in La Paz. Especially after our jaunt in Pescadero. More on that at another time. What I really want to update you on now is what is up with Micah!

He has stopped his bottle drinking cold turkey. Wow, that really reads wrong, doesn´t it. No more milk in a bottle for this little man!!! Also, he is sleeping on his own in a big bed. He only kinda fell out once! How awesome is that. While I wanted to keep in his crib for as long as humanely possible, it is nice to see him wander out of the room when he wakes up, hair all touseled and wanting a hug rather than screaming for us to come and get him. And I´ll (grudgingly) admit that it´s time. He´s big enough.

Newspoint 3: he is well on his way to being potty trained!!!! We are really working on it. He can tell us most always when he needs to pee, even with shorts on, and that works like a charm. It´s the poop that´s harder but he´s still doing it! He has gone in a toilet twice now. Twice! Mikey and I were doing the happy dance, jumping up and down in gleeful exstatic crazy joy that I am sure most parents can easily relate to. WOOO-HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so cool! Micah will be potty trained in Mexico. And off the bottle. And in the bed. *big huge smile* And of course I can´t wait to share photos. Next time we make a trip, I´m bringing the laptop.

So saying…my half hour on the sticky-keyboarded public computer is up. Adios, amigo!

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  • Nana is dancing with glee too! That is all just wonderful news – especially pooping in the toilet twice and peeing when he has pants on and has to take them down. Bueno! look forward to the pictures and more news!

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