an update from Mexico: 5

Our days are slipping one into the other with a smooth, sweet ease. This life agrees with us. We wake up in our huge Pension room (which, since it has 4 beds, reminds Mikey of a hospital), one of us before the others then person by person, all 4 of us are up. The 2 big people have instant nescafe with instant cream. The 2 big people are learning to like the stuff. One little person has abuelita hot chocolate and the other has breastmilk. We all have our chosen morning beverages.

And then we figure out what we are going to do for the day. Walk around? Go to the beach? Sometimes – rarely – we´ll shoot for something more adventurous like take a bus someplace or (gasp) rent a car! But we are really quite content with the walking 6 miles to and from the beach along the postcard-lovely boardwalk and eating some oh-so-tasty ceviche and other fishly products after a day of fun in the sun.

The beach is gorgeous. The water is crisp. It´s cold when you first get in but the second and third times feel almost warm. This is winter for Mexicans, so most everyone thinks it´s too cold for the beach. When some brave folk venture over, they usually come complete with sweaters, boots – sometimes even scarves. I guess when your summer is around 120 degrees, 80+ weather seems really cold.

We walk a LOT.You´d think we´d come home slim and svelte, mere wisps of our fuller former selves… but no. Our walking just allows us to break even with our Mexican food habit. You know, where lard is an actual ingredient (Mikey, who is reading over my shoulder, says he´d call it an essential ingredient…) and sugar is poured on just about everything. And where we are drinking coke. Real coke. Lots of coke. Like, with every meal. Yum.

This is a lovely way to spend time. It´s a different experience, to be vactioning instead of travelling, but once adjusted, it´s easy to get used to.

My half hour on this public computer is up. Better make some nescafe now.

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