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We last talked about school when I was planning to homeschool Micah, right? Yeah? Okay. A lot has happened since then!

SO. MUCH. Lonnnnnnnnnnng story involving things like meetings and messages and phone calls and a teacher quitting, and winding up with Micah back in The Best School Ever. The new principle has been incredibly flexible with us, molding this interesting plan in which Micah’s in the 3, 4, 5 grade classroom, doing 3rd grade language arts and 2nd grade math. When we leave to travel this year, the principle will be his independent study teacher.


It’s as good of a set up as we could possibly create.

For Little Miss, she has a new teacher. It’s a lot of “new” and I think it’ll take some time (for me, anyway) to get used to it all.


Mack’s not in anything just yet. It’s funny because he was so set to go, but then there was this huge Teacher Turnover and he couldn’t go after all. I thought he’d be bummed because he has been really looking forward to going, but he just shrugged. “Mama. Me. BYEEEEEEEE!” (door slam)

20150901-IMG_2658 20150901-_DSC7225 20150901-IMG_2654 20150901-_DSC7226

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  1. My heart is thumping with gratitude and joy. That u r happy with this. Micah and Moxie are happy. Seems like a like a Divinely designed fit. Yay!!!

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