Another Diverting Post

Here’s another post that, if you are slogging around in a brain-numbing, lonely and soul-jarring urban commute, work and life, if your kids go to a cramped day care with little in the way of autonomy or happiness, you are going to hate. But then you probably hate this blog already and you are only reading it to either be bitter about something or mayyyyyybe you are trying to figure out how to ditch the miserable life you are living and jump for what you want?

Chances are good though that you are just reading this post for some diversion. You are thumbing around online and think there might be some fun here from our Yurtlandia.


Or maybe we know each other in real life and you are reading to stay in touch.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad you stopped by.

So, hate/love = it’s all good.

Here are some of my favorite photos from this past week.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-4Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-1-2

He found a caterpillar – and wanted to hold it until it became a butterfly

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-3butter knives do the job

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-2

Some people need space from their kids so they can cook – and I’m there too sometimes – but I’m finding that it’s a hell of a lot easier to just involve them in meal prep than it is to make sure that Moxie’s not charging down the hill (with Mack in tow) while I’m sautéing mushrooms.

Besides. This smile!!!

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-1

Tree frog, found:

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-7

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-6

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-8

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-5

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-13Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-12

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-11

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-10

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-9

The river is almost achingly beautiful

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-3-3

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-2-3

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-1-4

Summer is going to be fun!

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-2-2

Moxie is sneaking onto my desk to practice writing her name

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-14

She’s close to having it down.

And the roses are close to being perfect, too.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-3-2

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