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Welcome to Week in Review, the Post of All Posts, in which I summarize the whole week on this blog. And stuff I found off of the internet. Plus photos! Let’s get started.


I loved this music video.

Everything about it – great music, beautiful signing, lesbian couple and yes! It’s from the Bay Area!




There were some fantastic articles floating around on the internet this past week. Here was one:

Roger Egbert’s article on the Smart Ass Cripple:

Of course some of what the Smart Ass Cripple does/talks about was fodder for this post of mine, “Crip” and “Gimp”: Word Reclamation . There are some mixed feelings about it. But overall? He’s great.


Posts This Week

  • Summer Disability Blog Hop Series: The Influence of Disability in Your World

Solid links to great posts in this hop. Check them out – and please add yours too!

  • Book Review: No Ordinary Boy by Jennifer Johannesen

My review of a phenomenal book that I cannot recommend highly enough (kind of a spoiler there, huh)

  • Boots! Boots! Boots!

Alternatively titled, “Moxie Got Some New Boots and Some Love is Going On

  • Interview: With Jennifer Johannesen, Author of “No Ordinary Boy” and Last Week’s “Fake Work”

A talk with Jennifer and BOOK GIVEAWAY – ENTER!
  • On This Day: Falling in Love with My One True Darling Man

I felt the need to re-post this since I got the date of our anniversary wrong. *face palm*

  • The Border to Baja

Crossing the border from San Diego to Tijuana on the last day of the year!

  • Funniest e-Cards and Best Memes of the Week

I need some funny!

On the homefront:

My One True Darling Man agreed that I could buy a camera with most of the money we made from selling the trailer. Yes, this is another reason that I love him.

After a lot of research, a lot of advice from Meredith, a lot of handling of cameras, I chose the Nikon 5100 with the 24-85mm lens. I bought them both from B&H, and that was upon the advice of Sheila. I would be so lost without my friends. I’m also incredibly grateful that they put up with me, especially Meredith, who has to deal with daily texts from me. *yep…wince…”What’s RAW? Why’s it important?*

The camera camera just arrived, lens shipped separately.

I handled it…

and oh man.

Ohhhhhh man!

If all you have ever used are regular point-and-shoots or your i-phone – like me! – handling an actual DSLR is kind of orgasmic. I can’t even describe the joy that coursed through me when I set it on manual and focused.



I also bought the book that Mere recommended, Understanding Exposure as a primer, and bookmarked the 4 trillion websites. I’m not looking at those now though. Just reading the book. Baby steps, right. Baby steps.


Photos that I posted on Facebook:

All of these photos were posted on the facebook wall – “like” it and you’ll get them in your feed when I find and post….well, maybe you will: facebook want me to pay for people to see what I post on the wall – so they are deliberately hiding some posts after a certain count has been reached – unless the post gets moved by you (that is, shared, commented upon, etc).

The other way around it is if you click the arrow at the top of any post in your newsfeed, then make sure you are ‘subscribed‘ and not just that but ‘to all posts’. If that part isn’t checked, you bet your bottom dollar that you are missing stuff . Facebook, having gone public, needs money!

More photos (also posted)

A rare moment. My One True Darling Man laughing! And you know why my heart flips around over him, don’t you.

Little Miss OD’d on watermelon.

Speaking of OD, you are probably on the verge of that with me right now. I’ll stop while there is a slim chance I’m ahead.

Have a great weekend!



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  1. GirlWithTheCane says:

    I’ve been a fan of Smart-Ass-Cripple for a while now. He’s got a Jon Stewart-esque way of using humour as a weapon to comment on the things that are are important to him. Most of his stuff is brilliant.

    I hope to have my blog-hop post done by Wednesday. 🙂

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