bangkok bound
Headed on over to Bangkok from Saigon - join us!

We left Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to go to Bangkok.

The idea was that we were going to keep things REALLY SIMPLE by just focusing on ONE THING. No running around up to Chiang Mai and back around through Thai islands for us, no way, Jose. (Believe it or not) there are limits to our sanity, traveling with 3 little kids!

So, focusing on just ONE THING that we would (or could) do in the Bangkok area for a few days, we decided to visit a floating market. Like, really explore one, not just go for a couple of hours, because Mikey and I wanted to go for it. It seemed from our internet searches that the Amphawan floating market would be a good choice. “Not too touristy!”, some place said, “way better than the bigger floating markets in the heart of Bangkok!”

The reviews were great, but what we did not connect was that Amphawan is over an hour outside of Bangkok! Like, it’s not even in the city! I had imagined it being just a (teeny tiny) little bit out of the way – a pleasant reprieve from the craziness of Bangkok – but not THAT far.

I’m totally jumping ahead of myself though –

I wanted to tell you a little bit about the airport at Ho Chi Minh City first – it was FANTASTIC! Wow! Close to the city, super clean, easy to navigate, lots of fun shopping to do if you have time. Also, and this is the very best part, airport security treated us like royalty, whisking us to the head of Every.Single.Line (imagine people’s faces, first looking at us with the kids with something akin to pity, then with envy as they saw how we skipped Every Line because of them). It was a truly wonderful experience, like, “pinch me because this can’t be real”, wonderful, or rather, “don’t pinch me, because I don’t want to wake up from this wonderful dream.”

And it totally puts any and all of the American (International) airports I’ve been to recently to shame. Yes, really.

Meriah Nichols -18 Meriah Nichols -19 Meriah Nichols -17

Meriah Nichols -16 Meriah Nichols -15Air Asia

Also – our tickets are worth mentioning. We bought them through Air Asia, a total hassle to do in the US because of bank security (- we had to call the bank to tell them to authorize it, but that’s hard when you live off the grid without a phone line, you know). BUT! Cheap! Air Asia seems to be the Asian equivalent to Jet Blue.

bangkok boundStay tuned! I have a lot of great photos of the floating market at Amphawan coming up!

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Cute video of Moxie “cutting” her brother’s hair, while waiting for our plane…


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