The Beach with No Name

The lady at the Pemex gas station told Mikey that “you don’t go that way”, meaning meander along the coastal route from San Jose to Cabo Pulmo. Mikey was kind of confused – the Pemex map showed the route to be paved, and easily twice as fast as going back around the other route. He shrugged. Maybe she was confused or didn’t know what she was talking about? Maybe she was talking about the road that had been blocked off for repair?

But…Oh, she knew what she was talking about, all right! Ha! That road was like the bastard child of the road to San Borja. Only instead of big-ass rocks that were re-arranging your innards, it was enormous chunks of the road just… missing. Coupled with with sand bumps, humps and cliff drops that put me to sleep.*

nothing like LOTS of shrines along the way for inspiring confidence...

We couldn’t take any more of the road after a while and since it was getting late, we pulled over at a gorgeous beach to check it out for camping that night. It was so lovely. The sand so white, so deep. Oh so deep. So deep, we got stuck in it. That kind of freaked us out… but after a whole lot of digging, we got ourselves out and then didn’t want anything but rest and a cold drink. We stayed the night.

set up

palapas at the beach with no nameWe let the kids loose,


micah and mac-q

Mikey set up, and we just couldn’t get over how beautiful it all was, and WHY WAS NOONE THERE?

mac-qFree beach! Clean! Glass free! WHY WAS NOONE THERE???


We kept on trying for answers. When an ATV drove by, we were like,”oh maybe that’s why! Maybe the ATV’s get nutty?” – but no. Only a couple of ATV’s went by the whole time we were there. “Maybe people party here?” – but no. Only a fishermen were there earlier and a few kids came later to laconically sit under a palapa and just talk.

view from camper

WHAT WAS IT? It drove us nuts. Why were people flocking to the free spots like Tecolote which are deservedly praised and really awesome spots to camp in, but this place would toe Tecolote in a run for the beauty money.


The only answer we could pin on it was the water.

the waterIt looked REALLY deep, REALLY close to shore. The waves were a little freaky in how they’d sort of boil under water then surge forward – with very little breathing and working room between where the wave crashed and where the shore sent the water back on account of the steepness of the sand. Do you know what I’m saying? It’s kind of hard to describe.

the water at no name beach

Moxie tried to run in the shallows and a wave came and knocked her down. Mean ole’ wave.

IMG_5600 So, yeah. We weren’t crazy about the water but if you surf or fish, you might be.

beach house

There was this abandoned house right by where we camped –

mac-q and moxie




micah at the no name beach

We left the next day, headed on towards where the waves were not as mean. And where there would be others camping.

the beach with no name


A couple of hipstagram pics that I took here:




I figured out the absolute reason why noone was there: the road. It only got worse.



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  • Really beautiful. I sure do love your posts. I’m just amazed that you put them up and I’m always like, is she plugged into the Sand, or What!? That beach with the waves sounds so much like an experience I had in Chile. I was desperate for one more sun soaked beach day before I had to leave my precious Chilean seaside forever, so I went. There actually were -some- other folks doing the same, but those waves, they were downright scary. High, burbbly and gurgly and crashing hard and loud on the surf. Even so, I put out my blanket and for at least 3 minutes I had some peace. And then it happened. The whole of the beach just got washed up with about 1/2 foot or more of water. I was soaked, demoralized, in need of a shower to get all that sand out of everywhere- and a good cry. So went my last beaching day in Chile. Thank goodness all the other ones made that one funny in the end. I really do needs to subscribe. Prayers for y’all.

    • thank you!!!
      your comment had us totally cracking up – the bit about what we are plugged into! I find it pretty funny that we had/have such excellent access via the dial up modem from really remote areas.

      And your beach story from Chile – WINCE!!!!! Ouch!!!!

      xoxo love to you

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