The Beach We Are At Now

Soooooooo….. it’s not quite as sunny as we thought it might be!


Nor is it as warm!


Or saaaaaaaay….. balmy.


But it IS frolicsome and the kids DO have fun with it.

IMG_2610 IMG_2617 IMG_2593


And it’s gorgeous. Just double dipped in soul-clenching beauty.



It’s Northern California at its best.


But we are not supposed to be in Northern California still, are we? Oh no! According to our plan, we are supposed to be meandering on our way south to the border.


Some things have happened and I’ll tell you something about it.

Part One (yes, this has Parts 🙂 )

1. My brother lives in a really small town. My address is now his. We were having a bunch of REALLY IMPORTANT things mailed to us here. We completed our change of address before leaving Alameda, from the places we purchased/ordered our items, we clearly indicated MY BROTHER’S ADDRESS as ours.

2. It’s a really small town. The post-person who received the mail didn’t know me/Mikey. Looked at the mail, the names, the address and was like, “nope, that’s Dana’s place, don’t know any Meriah, wrong address!” – AND – get this – SHIPPED IT BACK!!!!!

*insert incredulity*


It took us a while to figure it out… we were waiting and waiting and then wondering, then called the places and they had it all tracked and it had been delivered then… RETURNED!

So we had to go to the Post Office, introduce ourselves, show our ID, and now wait for our stuff to get re-sent. We can expect to receive the stuff within a couple of weeks.

Part Two:

1. Truck: when we took it for our camping trip test shortly after arriving, Mikey noticed something on the manifold that needed doing. That led to something else on the transmission. I’m a bad person to be talking about this stuff because when I see/hear “manifold”, I just think “destiny” – and I know that’s supposed to be coupled with “manifest” but I can’t stop myself.

Anyway. Where was I.

“Manifold”. So, he’s been doing truck fixing work for a good solid week. All done, it’s looking GREAT, he says, YAY! And that’s good enough for me.

2. Sleeping: when we took it for our camping trip test, I got about, oh, 30 winks of sleep. It was way up there on the list of what’s uncomfortable, and a big part of that had to do with being sandwiched between MACQUINN (-space hog cranky pants) and MIKEY (-space hog, cranky pants). I was on my side and could.not.move. I wasn’t cold (- praise God) but I couldn’t move.

I told Mikey that I don’t want that experience again if I can help it, and asked him to build MacQuinn a hammock. Like this, as shown from the Cabbage Rose Cottage:


Mikey shrugged, grumbled, and is making it. Bless the man.

3. Stuff: I’ve been living on Life Remotely and going through Jessica’s fabulous lists. She is soooo organized! She must be a Virgo! I’m enthralled with her lists, her links, her research. And I’m also really grateful because she’s cutting my time down to just following what she did. This list of hers is my favorite and I am going through it carefully, comparing it to what we have.

A big question remaining is whether or not to purchase the Garmin Nuvi – or not.

I think a lot of you would be like, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!! How can you even THINK of driving the Pan Am without a GARMIN?!

But see, this is the thing. Our budget is really tight right now. Mikey thinks we can find stuff on paper maps. I am – to be honest – a little worn down with him complaining about every.single.thing we purchase (- if he had his druthers, we would be doing this in a tent with a horse pulling us on a buggy and that’s IT). It seems like OpenMaps are a good option – we could download free maps onto the iPhone/iPad when in wifi and go from there. We might suck it up and buy a $60 Garmin app later if it seems necessary.

But…. yeah. That’s where it is now.

Part Three:

1. Blog: Multi-site: still not in place. Still inching its way forward! I am hopeful!

You know, I switched from Blogger to self-hosted wp so that I could get something like multi-site in place. This has actually been close to two years in the making. Two. Years. Crazy, huh.

And the funny thing to me is that when it’s done, YOU won’t even know. It’s not like this blog is going to spout poetry or stand up and jive for you. It’s just going to look the same, but be deeply functional.

2. Homeschooling stuff: this isn’t that big a deal because soooooooooooooooo much is online. I just like having my ducks in a row.

3. Halloween: this hurts. We gave away ALL of our costumes. I had a trove – just lots of fun stuff for the kids to dress up and play in and with. Handmade things too, like Micah’s handcrafted robot suit!

We gave it all away and now it seems like we are going to be here for it and I don’t have anything for the kids. I also don’t have a lot of time. And like I said, our budget is really, really tight right now.

But! We’ve been watching a lot of Star Wars and I think I can whip up a few costumes pretty easily & cheaply/freely based on that. I am feeling cheerful once more.


We still need to test the camper out some more, we need to comb through absolutely everything with the proverbial fine-toothed comb. Absolutely every*single*belonging of ours needs to have a purpose and a place.

So it’s probably not a bad thing that the whole Post Office kerflummox has forced us to stay put.

AND! those of you who are championing us on this venture! You can expect your post cards next week!

Thank you.





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  • I LOVE Moxie’s sweater and the picture of the kids with the dog’s butt…PERFECTION!
    Good luck with your trip preparations. I was beginning to wonder where you were…that cake for Mac didn’t seem like something you’d pick up on the road. 🙂

    • I know, right?!! where would we get a cake like that in boondocks-ville?!

      Thanks for wishing us luck – I’m pretty sure we need a liberal slather of it now!

  • As the receiver of many of your costumes, thanks- the kids love them. But you can totally come nab some! Also, my 5 year old wants to see your 5 year old and write a letter. Or maybe Skype?

    • LOL, “come nab some”?! We are around 10 hours away! But thanks! And glad they are being put to use, that’s good news

      since we are in and out of wifi right now, it’s a little hard to nail down a time, but after halloween it should be easier – until we finally receive the stuff we are waiting for and take off south.


  • Ohhh got it! I was also beginning to wonder where you guys were! As I was looking at IG pictures I just knew you were still here, in the US.
    Any ways, I also think: things happen for a reason, just let things flow their natural way and that’s all…
    Love that beach… looks sooooo cold tho 🙂

  • Actually I’m an Aquarius. It’s weird. Why is the creative one addicted to spreadsheets? I don’t know. Good thing I’ve never had to write a personal ad… THAT would be complicated. Anywho… How’s the Garmin map install going? Also, about the horse and buggy idea. I like it! There is a guy in Colombia who was going to go all the way to Tierra del Fuego. I bet HE takes a GPS 🙂 Haha.

      • Oh. My. God!!!
        I don’t think I want Mikey knowing about that guy!

        The garmin is going pretty well – I think – I got frustrated after downloading Guatamala and having the system trip on me, so I’m taking a little break. I do have basecamp, etc installed, thanks to you!!!

        Thank you!!

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