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I miss this.
The points of light as they hit the water
The infinite joy of sky-meets-land at day’s start
I always had this fantasy of me running on the beach, all fleet-footed, perhaps rather niftily forgetting that I am far from fleet-footed, can’t run and am at least 30 pounds overweight.
 But I can dream, right?
And maybe couple it with some action… I’m going to go on a “test run” today to see if the “Team in Training” is, as they say, “for me”
I kind of hope it is. I’d like to learn how to run, become that fleet-of-foot Mama I think would be fun to be.
And now, I have a million questions for you: do you run? Have you done Team in Training? How do you advise me to go about being a runner?

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