The Beaches of La Paz & Other Incidentals: La Paz Part 4

This is the 4th part of our little mini-series of La Paz.

Before, we covered:

P1250386Finding La Paz
Some Tales of Great Adventures & Tiny Happenings

and now here is the final post with the older photos and the older stories.

The Beaches of La Paz

La Paz is situated right by a beach, and there are beaches stretching out all along the coast above and below the city. There are beautiful islands to kayak to close by, including the famous Espiritu Santos, where you could also camp.

We took a boat tour to Espiritu Santos and the bay. It was one of those tour companies that is located right on the Malecon – I forget which – I forgot how much it cost too. But it was a lot of fun.

me and micah
me and micah

I definitely recommend it, if you are in the area. Just walk around, talk to the boat operators, see what they are offering, etc. Ours was to the island, a stop for snorkeling/swimming with the sea lions

DSCF5926checking out all those fish

DSCF5927and thrilling our 2-year old to smithereens

P1250579we stopped at an island beach for lunch


– just kidding ๐Ÿ™‚

P1250653no, really, I think it was sandwiches of some sort. Not thrilling, just filling.

Then we went around famous things like this weird rock

P1250657and these majestic arches.


It was truly lovely and worth paying for.DSCF5916

If you have access to a kayak though, I’d think that would be best – you could go at your own pace and really linger at the spots you would like to.

The Beaches of La Paz

We walked to a beach that was a couple of miles away – on the road to Pichilingue – pretty much every day.

DSCF5583It was a great beach for what it is: close to a city. January being in the dead of Mexican winter, the only people there were us, a few other tourists and Mexicans all bundled up in their woolens and fur boots, sitting there shivering.


We got a fair amount of flak for having our kids so semi-clothed,

FRIO!!!!! MUY FRIO!!!!

those abuelas would exclaim, trying desperately to cover our kids, cluck-clucking at us for our horrible parenting. We thought they were really sweet to care so much. We also thought it would be hilarious if we went back to the Bay Area and pounced on some Mexican family carrying their little one in one of those furry thick blankets and we’d be all,

IT’S TOO HOT!!! HOT!!!!!

While throwing the blanket off of their baby, fanning them desperately and such.ย That’d be soooo funny, wouldn’t it?!ย 


Anyway. Back to the beaches.

So we were hanging out on the beach every day, enjoying our walks to and from the beach along the Malecon. It was such relaxing living, really easy, fun. We also lost around 10 lbs each.

the family, la paz, 2010All that lard totally works out with all the walking.

There was a big huge playground along the way that we would stop to play at from time to time

IMG_1105The set up was like this:

a playground next to a BAR.

So the parents would be hanging out in the bar right there while watching their kids.

IMG_1108 IMG_1097-1a playground next to a BAR. I mean, can you even IMAGINE that in the US?!

It’d be the most popular thing, ever, wouldn’t it?! There, go ahead and run with that idea now. You are welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, we liked it because it was chock full of super cool slides and kids. We also liked it because it was on the way to the beach and close to Moyeyo’s, that place of delicious sea-goodness.

IMG_1686-1We never drove in La Paz. We walked everywhere. We walked to all of the beaches in walking distance, we walked the whole of the Malecon, back and forth. We walked to get food, walked for our ice-cream, walked to have our laundry done, walked absolutely everywhere.


The Pension California (- Hotel California) made a great base for all that

IMG_1770It had a great location – close to the Malecon but also close to shops and shopping

hotel california courtyard, la pazIt was cheap – under $20/day – and we cooked at least two meals there a day right there, as you can see Mikey doing in the picture. Open air kitchens rock.

The stairs there led to the roof and the kids loved that

IMG_1644-1 IMG_1643-1 IMG_1641-2It kept us pretty busy.

IMG_0071Another thing that was great about the Hotel was that they always gave us LOTS of beds. The place was originally a convent, you see, so some of the older rooms have like, 4 or 5 beds. Those were what we were given, for the price of a double.

moxie, hotel california, la paz moxie, la pazWe liked having a bed each.

IMG_0913-1We liked having the TV too. I absolutely love watching soap operas in other countries.


This wraps up the older La Paz mini series. I won’t be writing a mini-series with the new stuff – but I will give you updates on everything: the beach, Moyeyo’s, Hotel California, La Fuente – everything that we really loved about La Paz will be covered in the newer posts coming up next week.

If you have any questions/comments, will you holla in the comments so that everyone can benefit? Thanks.


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  • I just wanted to drop a quick note to you guys. My wife Shugie, sent me to your page and I’m loving it. I, too, am a third culture kid, growing up in the Foreign Service and then being dumped back in the States for college and supposed to “adjust”. I’m excited about your trip and will am very much looking forward to your posts. Stay safe and continue having such fun! Eric

    • thanks, Eric! Mikey’s just like you, I think, except he was growing up with French Foreign Service.
      Where are you and Shugie now? Shugie = she’s Japanese, desho? YOROSHIKU!!

  • Hi Meriah! I’m Heather and I was hoping you could answer my question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com I would greatly appreciate it!

  • As always, your writings about your trip bring a little bit of sunshine and humor to my Chicago-bound winter. What wonderful experiences and adventures your kids get to have and a completely different view of life. Thank you.

    • I feel a little guilty, frankly, posting all these photos of beaches and sunshine… with the weather reports on facebook being what they are ๐Ÿ™ Really glad you liked the post though!

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