Beginner Workout Tips that will Increase your Gains

Working out can be a great way for you to increase your level of fitness. It can help you to get the body you have always wanted, and it can boost your confidence too. If you have never worked out before or if you are new to the gym-setting, then here are a few tips that will help you to increase your gains.

Make Fitness a Habit

Going to the gym is a brilliant start, but you won’t see any changes in your body or your mind until you make it a full-time habit. This may seem impossible sometimes, especially if you feel as though you have already put in a full day of work, but you need to stay motivated. Working out 3-4 times a week is a great goal for you to aim for when just starting out. Remember that building lifelong habits will take time, but when you are able to incorporate them into your daily schedule, you will soon find that it’s hard NOT to go to the gym!


Beginners tend to learn by watching other people, and this is great. If you copy someone who is not lifting properly however, then this means that you won’t be doing it right either. Bad form usually comes from trying to lift something too heavy, too soon. When this happens, you will probably be utilising momentum rather than using muscle contraction to control the weight. You have to make sure that your efforts are controlled and that they are focused too. You need to isolate certain muscle groups and you also need to work them out strategically. The better you can do this, the more muscle you will gain as a result.

Compound Movements

If you are a beginner who is interested in fitness then you may find it easy to become distracted by complex training techniques that you see in articles or even in magazines. If you have never been to a gym before, or if you have not been in quite some time then it helps to work with a personal trainer. They can then teach you about compound movements, which will help you to develop your own technique and angle. If you want to get started with compound movements then it helps to start out with things like squats, bench presses and even deadlifts. These are known as compound exercises and they require you to use a lot of different muscle groups at the same time. They are also ideal at increasing your metabolic rate. Knowing your body will really help you to get the best result out of your workout, so take the time to learn about your mind and your muscle groups. If you are finding it hard to workout due to fatigue, look into Thorne Adrenal Cortex supplements.


Just because you go to the gym doesn’t mean that you can eat doughnuts and pizza all day. Fitness is part of a much bigger puzzle and you have to make sure that you have a clean diet. If you don’t then you will be letting yourself down and you will also make it much harder to get great gains. Nutrition doesn’t have to be difficult at the end of the day, and if you want to make a positive start then the only thing that you have to do is eliminate processed food from every meal. Dieting doesn’t mean eating bland food either. In fact, it is more than possible for you to make super healthy food that tastes fantastic and with a bit of work, you will soon see that it can make a huge difference to your life.

Learn from your Mistakes

When you start working out, you have to remember that you will make mistakes. The trick is to try and pay as much attention as you can to your mistakes so that you can actively learn from them. Think about your muscles and how they respond to your lifts. You also need to think about your diet, your attitude and even the outlook that you have. Only you can tailor your workout to meet your needs, and only you can make a change. If you are not sure how to tailor your diet or your workout then keep a journal. Write down what you eat at the end of every day, and also take note of what made you feel good. It also helps to write down what exercises made you feel sore, and what made you want to quit. When you do this, you can easily create your perfect regime and you can also really help yourself to stay motivated.

Finishing Every Repetition

A lot of beginners focus too much on the first part of the lift and then forget about the lowering part. Letting the weight drop quickly can really be disastrous and it will make it much harder for you to get the gains you are looking for. When you are in the eccentric part of the lift, your muscle is acting as a brake. It slows the weight down against the pull of gravity. This really is just as, if not more important as the contraction. Your muscles are still engaged so it is important that you make sure that you control the entire movement rather than just the first half of it. If you cannot control the weight as it is going down then this is a strong indicator that you are lifting something that is far too heavy and therefore should drop down a weight or two.

Working out as a beginner is usually a learning experience. You are finding out what your body can do and what it can’t, but it is crucial that you develop good habits early on. If you want to help yourself here then hiring a personal trainer is always a good idea, and you would be surprised at how much they could help you to maintain and control your posture while you navigate the process of working out. Fitness DVDs are great for learning this too!