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The Best Down Syndrome T-Shirts

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Down syndrome t-shirts are wearable advocacy, and I’ve got a smattering of the best Down syndrome t-shirts for you!.

Donning garments with bold statements that testify to our beliefs (and allow others to question theirs) is an easy way to help promote acceptance.

All the t-shirts I sell hereĀ support my site and the work that I do with disability, disability advocacy, resources and community-building. Your buying this gives you a tangible way to support something super while still making a statement!

The table below (“in this post you will find”) has clickable links to jump directly to a t-shirt theme you are interested in.

The Best Down syndrome T-Shirts

love counts chromosomes
love counts chromosomes

Love Counts Chromosomes

Love counts chromosomes… and loves them all!

This t-shirt challenges the idea that we love despite a chromosome count, that the chromosomes or number of chromosomes do not matter. THEY DO MATTER. And we love them.

Human Needs Not Special Needs

People with disabilities are HUMAN, with human needs. There really is no such thing as “special needs” given that every single human being has some need that another doesn’t. So… All needs are human.


The difference between “imperfect” and “i’m perfect” is an apostrophe and space.

In the view of the social model of disability, we are all perfect. But we are seen as imperfect within the medical model. All we really need is to pause, take some space, and learn more. With that, we may make the shift from “imperfect” to “I’m perfect” šŸ™‚

I never knew I wanted a child with down syndrome until I got one
I Never Knew I Wanted a Child with Down Syndrome

I Never Knew I Wanted a Child with Down Syndrome Until I Was Given One

Julie Kehm came up with this lovely thought which moved me as I was pregnant with my own daughter with Down syndrome. Here’s your chance to wear this thought and show the world how you feel about your child with Down syndrome

presume competence: the t-shirt to challenge notions of developmental disability
presume competence

Presume Competence

a t-shirt for your child or yourself to wear that challenges conceptions about developmental disability in particular, disability in general

Not an Angel

This is a fun shirt to poke fun at the “Down syndrome angel” stereotype! Available in all sizes, but focusing on kid sizes.

Keep Calm It's Only an Extra Chromosome T-Shirt

Keep Calm, It’s Only an Extra Chromosome

A playful shirt that rifs on the “keep calm” theme!

my kid has more chromosomes than yours! t-shirt for down syndrome
my kid has more chromosomes than yours! t-shirt

My Kid Has More Chromosomes Than Yours!

a t-shirt for your child or yourself to poke some fun at over-the-top competitive parents (plus, show some pride!)

god doesn't make mistakes t-shirt
god doesn't make mistakes t-shirt

God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

God doesn’t make mistakes – right?!!

We are all as we should be, ALL OF US

the lucky few down syndrome t-shirt
the lucky few down syndrome t-shirt

The Lucky Few Chevron Shirt

The “Lucky Few” is the triple chevron that faces upward, signifying 3 copies of the 21st chromosome: Down syndrome. It also represents solidarity, movement upward, strength.

the down syndrome chromosome t-shirt
the down syndrome chromosome t-shirt

The Down Syndrome Chromosome T-Shirt!

The t-shirt of the chromosome!

Straight up: THIS IS what Trisomy 21 is: the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome! Perfect for some subtle awareness-spreadin’

It’s An Extra Chromosome, Not a Halo!

Lots of people think that there is a connection between angels and having Down syndrome. This t-shirt spells out exactly what Down syndrome is (- an extra chromosome) and what’s it’s not (- somehow angelic, coming with a halo!)

47 > 46 47 is greater than down syndrome t-shirt
47 > 46 47 is greater than 46 down syndrome t-shirt

47 > 46

47 is greater than 46 – a t-shirt that smiles at the greater count of chromosomes that Trisomy 21 (- Down syndrome) represents!

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Meriah Nichols is a career counselor, teacher and blogger. Single mom to 3 (one with Down syndrome, one gifted 2E), she is also a cat-loving Trekkie who likes her coffee hot and black.
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  1. Paula Brooks Reply

    I love your positivity…so many people are misinformed and ignorant of our children with Down Syndrome. I have been blessed with a wonderful son and would never want it any other way! He has taught me how to love unconditionally! Paula B. >>>

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