Mexico, January 2012, First Story: Bettering a Beast for Baja

When we went to Baja California (Mexico) to camp around the beaches for a month earlier this year, I wrote about our trip on the travel blog that I created, “Oh The Places We Go!“. Notice I’m not linking to it – it’s because I took the blog down. Not only was it too much to keep two blogs going, but the name just lacked…pizzazz and the layout was weird.

My stats for that time period being what they were (- pretty much just my Mom and a few friends reading!), I decided to take advantage of all the blessed categories that I now have and re-post the whole trip.


So, here we go. This was the first post.


This time, last year, I was putting finishing touches to our packing. I had no idea what it was going to be like in Baja, no idea if I was working on a solid over-kill…or not.

This year, we know what pool we are jumping into, know that there is going to be an awful lot of dirt roads, for example.

Long stretches without much in the way of other people, amenities and more.

We know some areas are not safe.

At all.

And that we need to be ready-set to haul some Beastie Butt and get through those areas.

So there is a lot of thisgoing on around here right now:

Spiffing that engine up, my Man Mikey is

I tend to fall in love with him yet again when I see him working this gidgety-gadgety, getting his big manly hands all dirty with grease and stuff. And then – voila! – he has fixed it all! Mmmm..mmm…– I love Mikus, I do.

Moving on.
We know the cab to our Beast is basic

Personally, I love it. I feel like such a Redneck Queen on that bench seat, gliding around in a land of Prius (or would that be Pri-i? What’s the plural of a Prius anyway?). I do not, however, love our meager collection of tapes

And so, doing my very best to do do my part on bettering our Beast, I took the kids shopping

We are now proud owners of this:

The fab “iCarPlay Cassette” which connects the iPod to the car stereo. $25. So worth it to not be stuck with the Jets or MaryJane Girls for 12 hour drives…

I also bought kid headphones for Micah, the Man of Mariachi. He will be able to listen to it all he wants. Just so long as I don’t have to.

We went and bought a truck-tent and Mikey is finishing the bed he is building in the truck-bed. We are not bringing a lot more than we need, in the way of clothes. They’ve got laundromats there. Not bringing more than our regular camping kitchen, not bringing many toys either (remember that Happy Dump Truck? We still have it – they have toys there).

We’re going to be gone for 4 weeks, bordering 5. Lots of posts are on-track and scheduled to fly while we are in Mexico, but there will be many more fresh posts as we are bringing the laptop, still gamely limping along, right there with the lumix. We are also bringing the camera that Katie is loaning us – and so we’ll be blogging on our brand new family blog along the way – follow along if you’d like!  Oh! The Places We Go.

I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

We leave tonight.


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