6 Reasons Why a Bicycle Spoke Makes the Perfect Wedding Ring

This is my wedding ring.


It is a single bicycle spoke, made of 100% stainless steel.

Mikey took this spoke and wrapped it around a bottom bracket spindle (whatever that is) and thus! What would be a temporary wedding ring until we could afford something more, was born.

Six years into this and I know I’ll never exchange this ring for another. It’s become more than a symbol of my commitment to the man who made it – this band of stainless steel has become a symbol of marriage itself for me:

  1.  It has a long life span. Stainless steel does not fade or discolour over time. I hope that our marriage will be the same – with a long life span that does not fade or change to a sour colour over time. I want it to be like this ring, staying fresh and true with the years flowing through.
  1. It’s rust-proof and stain-resistant – it will maintain its shine for the whole of its life. I want us to weather storms and the elements and not dissolve in the face of adversity. I want us to stay shiny, by ourselves and with each other.
  1. It’s cheap. You know, we haven’t had much money yet. But what I like about the fact that this ring came in a box with a hundred like it for 99 cents is that it’s a symbol of living within and below our means. It’s a symbol of a simple life.
  1. It’s a bike spoke, made to support your weight, transfer power from the hub to the wheel and add strength to the rim. Isn’t this exactly what marriage is all about? Supporting each other, helping to transfer power from one end to the other, and adding strength where it is needed? Spokes made from stainless steel are preferred because they add strength to the wheel by being able to stretch and bend without breaking. Being flexible seems paramount to a successful marriage.
  1. It’s temperature resistant – it won’t melt or freeze easily. I want to be like that in my marriage – I want to be strong, to not melt or freeze up with tension, trials or tribulations. I want to mirror this ring and stay cool no matter what.
  1. It’s easy to clean and maintain – it does not absorb dirt. In fact, it actually resists smudges, fingerprints and scuff marks. I want our marriage to be easy to clean and maintain too. I want for it to resist the smudges and scuff marks of jealousy, rivalry, bitterness, temptation, anger, resentment and put-downs. I want it to actually repel the dirt, and to do so as easily as it exists, like water off a duck’s back.

Marriage isn’t always easy. I think the ring is most for those less-than-easy-wouldn’t-I-rather-be-alone times. As I look down at my hand and at my stainless steel bicycle spoke of a wedding ring, I am reassured by it’s simple weight and shine: this is the right thing. I am who I should be with – he is too – and the remembrance of our love and commitment feels good.


Happy Anniversary, Mikey

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