"Bigfoot" and Stories from a Big Lagoon, Part One

“Bigfoot” is this character in Humboldt County. Sort of a cross between Chewbacca and Yenti, he’s supposed to be huge, hairy, forest-dwelling and while I’m not sure if he’s really mean, he’s not really a persona you’d care to come across on, say, a trip to the campsite bathroom.

I had my fill of stories about his close cousin, ‘Alley Oop” while a child, staying at my Great Aunt Minnie’s cabin in Big Lagoon. My brother Dana and I would die with delight and fearful paroxyms raised by the bejesus coming on out of us with stories of these forest beasts.

And so when Mikey and I changed our plans completely last minute from boondocking at Honeydew to camping at Big Lagoon, I started plotting out potential stories for Micah about Bigfoot.


Our campsite was totally magical.



IMG_2878 IMG_2866 DSC_1074


If you are ever in the area – it was #25 – info & maps at the end of the post – and simply spellbinding.

It made it easy for me to spin my tales.

And Micah made it easy, too, of course, with his relentless questions and brimming inborn curiosity. “Why?” “But – why?”, “WHHHYYYYY?”


Oh, I love having a 5 year old! They are awesome!

Anyway. So, our grove? – I told him that it was a grove filled with faeries who come out and dance by the light of the moon.

“When?” asked Micah.

“By the light of a SPARKLING moon”, I answered, adding, “and then BIGFOOT joins in and that’s the marks you saw down by the beach.”

“BIGFOOT joins and dances with the faeries?” – Micah was suspicious.

“Oh yes,” I nodded seriously, gravely. “Yes. And there is music played that we humans can never hear. Only the faeries, Bigfoot and the Big Fish that lives in the Lagoon can hear.”

Micah looked impressed. “There’s a Big Fish that lives in the Lagoon?”

“Uh huh”, I answered, “he’s HUGE and shining and you can only see him when he comes out by the sound of the faerie music.”

“The faerie music that we can’t hear, right Mommy?”

“Right, Micah. You got it.”

*big smile*


Here are some more photos:

DSC_1071 IMG_2886 IMG_2888 IMG_2894 IMG_2990 IMG_2991 IMG_2998 IMG_3016




More from Big Lagoon in my next post.

and happy halloween everyone! can’t wait to see your costumes on IG/FB!


More on Big Lagoon:


It’s $20 a night with a 7-day maximum stay. Showers are usually available but they were out of water storage or something so only the camp host got that luxury!

Drinking water available from the taps (- and it was delicious). Dogs welcome on leash (- but with hardly anyone there, we let Pugsily roam free most of the time).

Most all of the sites are really, really nice – with a view of the lagoon and with some sheltering, but a few of the sites are forest-facing with no lagoon. It’s a county park – here is the official site.

For us, with our particular beach-front spot, we felt it was on par with Baja – just colder. But truly, amazingly lovely.



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