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You can hear me read this by clicking below, or subscribing to the podcast at the end of this post.

You can hear me read this by clicking below, or subscribing to the podcast at the end of this post.

August 15, 2016

Dana was in the ICU of Mercy Hospital in Redding. As Mercy Hospital had a deal with a nicer hotel for families of ICU patients, we shifted rooms there first thing in the morning and then headed over to the hospital.

I went right in to see Dana.

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Another photo of him for us to smile at later.

I got photos of the machines, too

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I thought Dana would get such a trip out of all the wires and blips and bleeps.

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I had conversations in my head with him, “hey Dana! Look, you had these really fancy machines keeping you alive!” and he’d be amazed and thrilled (and probably want to know how much they cost).

The kids and I ate at the hospital cafeteria

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And we spent some time with the carp in the hospital garden, a beautiful space in which people could wait, pray, be still 

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None of my photos of this are good, but that’s part of my point: I didn’t mean for them to be. 

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I didn’t mean for them to be good photos and they didn’t need to be. 

This was all going to go away quickly. 

Dana was going to heal and wake up (or vice versa) and he was going to walk out. 

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