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“Why Bother?” She Asked

Why bother with anything when it’s all going to die anyway?

How Can a Parent Get Ahead When School is Always Out?

This is about the American school system and it's fundamental differences with ... Read more

Down Syndrome Dandruff and Scalp Conditions

Summer Blog Hop Series: Disability and Special Needs posts

Down syndrome Groups on Facebook (That Can Change Your Life)

Every group you could ever want. And then some!

How to Open an ABLE Account: Save Money and Keep Disability Benefits

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Moxie is Moving!

This is a light, cute video post of Moxie having a conversation ... Read more

What Two Photos Told Me

This is a personal post about change and learning, as viewed through ... Read more

How to Get a Free Movie Disability Companion Pass

This is about how to get a free disability companion pass at ... Read more

How to Get Your FREE Lifetime National Parks Disability Access Pass (Military & 4th Grade Too)

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Top 9 of 2019: My Top 9 (and How to Make Yours!)

This is about the Top 9 on Instagram. There are links at ... Read more

Rae Reviews: Stumble to Rise: a Memoir on Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Rae reviews the book, Stumble to Rise, in this post. Stumble to ... Read more

Supporting Down Syndrome Owned Businesses

supporting companies owned by people with Down syndrome and/or allies of our community

Haben: Read the Book in December & Talk with Author in January

This is a post about the Lit League Disability Book & Movie ... Read more

IEP 101: What Is An IEP and 5 Useful IEP Resources for Parents

This is a page full of IEP resources for parents. It contains ... Read more

Gifts Made by People with Disabilities

The 2016 Ultimate Gift Guide for Disability – your personal guide to supporting businesses with a positive connection to disability – is here!

Dear Hearing World

This is a a video of a poem and performance about being ... Read more

The Disability Organizations Doing the Best Work These Days

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Disney+ Disability Related Movies

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Dana’s Place: An Update on My Career Trajectory

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