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Vlogger with Down Syndrome is Busy Changing Perceptions

A Vlogger with Down Syndrome! Maria Jose Paiz Ariaz, a Panamanian vlogger with Down syndrome is shaking things up! Maria vlogs (- captures short videos as a blog) for the news site, La Prensa, covering everything from her views on adults with Down syndrome to Flor Mizrachi (who is Flor Mizrachi??). Here's a teaser, produced

Lit League Disability Book & Movie Club: Unrest

A quick note - we'll be watching Unrest (available on Netflix streaming) this week, with a Twitter Chat on 10/27 See The Calendar for complete details for all the books and movies planned, and make sure to join the Facebook group! Twitter Chat: 10/27: 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern I'm @meriahnichols Use hashtag #UnrestMovie so we

That Down Syndrome Angel!

Down syndrome angel, angel and Down syndrome. Whether it's a person with Down syndrome being compared to an angel or angels being people with Down syndrome, I'm not sure, but angels are linked to Down syndrome like peanut butter is to jam. It comes from people outside the Down syndrome community. Perhaps "angel" is used because

You Ask, I Answer: What Is Inspiration Porn? What Does It Look Like?

This post is from my ongoing question-and-answer series, "You Ask, I Answer" in which I take questions that you send me and attempt to answer them (this might be a good time to say if you have a question, go ahead and write me here! It's all anonymous) Reader asks,  What is inspiration porn, Meriah,

Supporting Down Syndrome Owned Businesses

supporting companies owned by people with Down syndrome and/or allies of our community

My Daughter Doesn’t Happen to Have Down Syndrome

A person "happens to have" small and inconsequential things. Like, they "happen to have" a propensity for chocolate milk, they "happen to have" a love of power ballads. Maybe they "happen to have"  freckles. You don't "happen to have" something that will affect every aspect of your life, like Down syndrome does. You just HAVE

The King’s Speech Discussion Questions

The Lit League (Riveting Book & Movie Club with Disability Intersections) chose The King's Speech to watch and discuss. We'll be discussing it on Twitter on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5, 8pm CT (that's 9pm EST, 6pm PST and 3pm my Hawaiian time 🙂 ) How to Participate:  Start your answer to Q1 with A1, and include #TheKingsSpeech in

Telling, a Poem by Laura Hershey

What you risk telling your story: You will bore them. Your voice will break, your ink spill and stain your coat. No one will understand, their eyes become fences. You will park yourself forever on the outside, your differentness once and for all revealed, dangerous. The names you give to yourself will become epithets. Your

The Best Down Syndrome Awareness Videos

This post is specifically about videos for promoting Down Syndrome Awareness, and they are all easily accessible on YouTube. This post will be updated as new videos come out or are recommended. The Best Down Syndrome Awareness Videos For Kids Not Special Needs Awesome, super funny 2:00 short that's great for anyone, really Everyone Counts:

8 Things To Do For Down Syndrome Acceptance Month!

This post is about Down Syndrome Awareness Month. It includes both easier and harder ideas on how to focus your attention in the direction of our community this month. October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month We are aware We are aware that people with Down syndrome are the same as people without: deserving of equal

The Kindness Calendar for Down Syndrome Awareness Month (Free Printable)

Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Down Syndrome Acceptance Month! October is Down syndrome Awareness Month in the United States. It's a time that we, as a Down syndrome community, help our larger, mainstream community understand a little more about what Down syndrome actually is, and what it means. It's a time when we celebrate the people

Where I’m Going, What I’m Planning: A Personal Post

It's been a while since I've written a personal post on this blog, isn't it? I've been pretty busy with the lists and resources and things that are useful. But I realized that I haven't caught up with all of you who are my friends and who have been with me for so long here.

The Best Down Syndrome T-Shirts

Down syndrome t-shirts are wearable advocacy, and I've got a smattering of the best Down syndrome t-shirts for you!. Donning garments with bold statements that testify to our beliefs (and allow others to question theirs) is an easy way to help promote acceptance. All the t-shirts I sell here support my site and the work that

Representation Matters! Tea Collection & $100 Clothing Giveaway

This is about Tea Collection and Down syndrome. There are affiliate links in this post (meaning if you click on a photo that leads you to Tea Collection and make a purchase from there, I will get a percentage of their profit - but you pay no more than you would have). Affiliate links are

“Deaf Not Disabled” and other Things from “Deaf Out Loud”

This post is about the new reality series, Deaf Out Loud. Watch out for spoilers and opinions! I have only recently "discovered" Switched at Birth and had no idea how much it would mean to me to see deaf people like me in a show (my post about Switched at Birth is linked here). I

Reflections from an ADA Generation by Rebecca Cokley

This post is about an awesome TED talk that Rebecca Cokley gave about the ADA Generation. It's based on the YouTube video of her TED talk. I was just going to post it on my Facebook page, but after watching it, I realized that I wanted to keep this video circulating, so it really needed

Down Syndrome Breastfeeding Resources, Stories & Encouragement

This post is about Down syndrome and breastfeeding. It is written from my perspective as a mother. I breastfed my daughter with Down syndrome for 2 years, and breastfed my two typically developing sons. While I am pro-breastfeeding, breastfeeding was not an easy experience for me, nor did it come easily. The purpose of this

What the Teen Vogue Article on Disabled Models Tells Us

Teen Vogue just ran an article about the new face of fashion: disabled models. Written by disabled activist Keah Brown, the article highlights 3 disabled models: Chelsea Warner (who has Down syndrome), Mama Cax (an amputee), and Jillian Mercado (who has spastic muscular dystrophy). Teen Vogue and Disabled Models: The Teen Vogue article on disabled

How to Tell if Your Child With Down Syndrome Needs Therapy

This post is about how to tell if your child with Down syndrome needs therapy. It is written from my perspective as a mother of a child with Down syndrome. That I am deaf and come from a disability-advocate standpoint, I am sure also affect the perspective from which I write. How to Tell if

The Impact of Disability on Siblings : The Story of Dana and Meriah

Here is the story of growing up with my brother Dana, first published on March 12, 2012. Dana left this world on Labor Day, 2016. ________________________________________________________________ I went through the windshield of a car when I was four years old, back in the day when seatbelts were charming accessories. The glass shredded my face, the head-on collision

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